Unveiling the World of DIY Mascara
22.02.2024  by

Do-it-yourself cosmetics have emerged as a captivating and empowering niche in the beauty area. Commercial products and ever-evolving trends generally dominate it. It offers beauty enthusiasts a chance to personalize their makeup routines. Among the myriad DIY possibilities, crafting your…

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The Allure of Halo Eye Makeup
13.02.2024  by

Halo eye makeup has emerged as a captivating trend in beauty. It captivates makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike with its enchanting and mesmerizing appeal.  This technique involves strategically placing a vibrant eyeshadow shade in the center of the eyelids, surrounded…

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How To Make Your Eyes Whiter From Yellow And Red? Useful Tips
31.08.2023  by

Discover six methods to return whitish tints to your eye sclera, including eye drops, correct sleeping rituals, and whitening from the inside.

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How To Apply Mascara? Tips And Tricks
16.08.2023  by

Discover the best mascara techniques for flawless application! From choosing the right mascara to applying it properly, we’ve got you covered.

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How To Apply Kajal For Eyes? Step-by-step Guide 
10.08.2023  by

This article will guide you through applying kajal for eyes like a pro. You will learn about the tools and products you need.

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5 Makeup Tips For Close-Set Eyes
27.03.2023  by

Discover how to make the most of your close-set eyes with these five makeup tips. Learn how to create balance and proportion for a stunning look.

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Natural Cures For Dark Circles Under The Eyes
30.12.2022  by

A healthy skin color makes a person beautiful, directly affecting self-esteem. But, we often experience darkening of the area under the eyes. Is treatment exist for it?

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Beginner’s Step-by-step Guide On Natural Eye Makeup
14.12.2022  by

If you are new to eye makeup or want to try something new, this eye makeup tutorial for beginners is for you! 

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How To Remove Eye Makeup Without Harm To Your Skin?
14.12.2022  by

Taking care of the skin around your eyes is essential for your appearance. Because the skin around the eyes is more vulnerable than other parts of your face, you need to be more gentle. So, how to remove eye makeup correctly?

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How To Do The Eyeliner Wing In Easy 6 Ways
07.12.2022  by

Perfect winged eyeliner is the type that suits almost any girl so well. But, it is also one of the most challenging techniques, especially if you don’t know how to do the eyeliner wing in right way.

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Under-Eyes Filler: All Things You Should Know
03.12.2022  by

The injection of fillers can transform a face in minutes – almost all people. Fillers effectively smooth out wrinkles, and model lips. But what about dark circles under the eyes?

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What Eye Shape Do You Have? Determining Eye Shape With Ease
02.10.2022  by

Knowing the shape of the eyes is a valuable thing. Wondering, “what eye shape do I have?” then use the following steps to define the shape of your eyes.

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How To Remove Waterproof Mascara Safely For Your Lashes
01.10.2022  by

Waterproof mascara can be challenging to manage without the right makeup cleanser. Remove waterproof mascara safely without damaging lashes.

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How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger? Use These 12 Foolproof Methods
28.09.2022  by

Want to make your eyes look bigger? I suggest you use a few tricks to open them wide with more appropriate makeup and other methods.

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How To Put On Eye Makeup: Tutorial For Applying Eyeshadow
31.08.2022  by

If you are a newbie in making eye makeup check this out to learn how to put on beautiful and spectacular eye makeup step-by-step.

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Eyeliner 101: How To Apply Eyeliner For Beginners?
31.08.2022  by

Do you want to know how to put on eyeliner like a pro, attracting the attention of people around you? If you think it is hard this article is here to help.

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Applying Eyeliner: Answers To Popular Questions
19.08.2022  by

Beauties like drawing arrows to create a stunning look. Applying eyeliner emphasizes eyes’ natural color and can even visually reduce or enlarge them.

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How To Do Cat Eyes With Eyeliner? Cat Eyes Makeup In 6 Steps
15.08.2022  by

Long ago, girls began emphasizing their charming eyes with black eyeliner to look more mysterious. And now, there are many ways to draw a cat’s eyes. But whether you learn it quickly depends on you. An incorrectly selected eyeliner can spoil all your beauty.

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Best Hair Colors For Green Eyes And Different Skin Tones
04.08.2022  by

Today, I have decided to help all green-eye beauties determine what hair color is right for them. I’ll demonstrate the ideal hues for highlighting your sparkling green eyes and drawing attention to your skin tone.

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How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes: Puffiness Under Eyes Removal Guide
20.07.2022  by

Skin under eyes is most quickly exposed to the processes of aging, where the first, unnoticeable expression lines appear, which deepen with wrong care. There are many techniques to improve the periorbital area. You can start with the simple things which I will share with you in this article.

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