Published on August 15th, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

How To Do Cat Eyes With Eyeliner? Cat Eyes Makeup In 6 Steps

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doing cat eyes withe eyeliner

Cat eyes makeup is trendy now. Long ago, girls began emphasizing their charming eyes with black eyeliner to look more mysterious. And now, there are many ways to draw a cat’s eyes. But whether you learn it quickly depends on you. An incorrectly selected eyeliner can spoil all your beauty.

For cat eyes, you don’t need to apply a lot of makeup on your face. The main thing is to learn how to create a cat eye shape correctly and decide which length and width suit you. When you get used to cat eyes makeup, you can complement them with shadows and get a beautiful look. If you like natural makeup, then add a light lip gloss. So, there is nothing complicated. You need to decide on the shape of your eye and practice. Thanks to this element, you can create a variety of makeup and complement your natural beauty.

How To Do Cat Eyes? 6 Steps

How to Do Cat Eye Makeup in 6 Steps 1024x512 - How To Do Cat Eyes With Eyeliner? Cat Eyes Makeup In 6 Steps

The purpose of such makeup is to make the eyes narrower and add length to them. Then visually, your look seems cunning and glamorous. You can use a brush to create an eye contour. If this method does not suit you, use tape, and the cat eyes will be perfectly even. Of course, you will need some time and patience to draw the cat’s eyes. So, to master these skills faster, I have prepared for you step-by-step instructions on how to make natural cat eye makeup:

Step 1: Cleanse The Skin

Wash and wipe your skin with cleansers. After that, apply the makeup base. Use powder, concealer, or primer around the eyes, so that cat eyes makeup lasts longer and lays down evenly.

Step 2: Apply A Light Base

Before drawing the eyes, you need to apply light shadows on the crease of the eye. After applying the shadows, blend them with a brush so that everything is even. But remember, you should not use cream shadows because they can mix with the eyeliner and smudge.

Step 3: Proceed To The Eyeliner

First, bring the eyeliner to the eye barely pressed so that later the contour can be corrected easier. Start drawing an eye arrow from the outer corner of the eye directly to the temple. It’s about 45 degrees. If you can’t draw a straight line, use tape. Next, look in the mirror to see if everything is drawn symmetrically.

Step 4: Draw An Arrow

Next, the cat eye needs to be added. Start drawing the eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Start from the middle of your pupil connecting to the tip of the eye’s arrow. Try not to make the line too thick and draw everything smoothly.

Step 5: Highlight The Lower Eyelid

For a cat eye, you should emphasize the lower lid with eyeliner. Next, draw a thin line from the eye’s middle to its corner. Sharpen the corner of the eye to make it look more expressive. It is how you should get natural cat eye makeup with neatly even eye arrows.

Step 6: Eliminate The Defects

Wipe imperfections and uneven areas with a cotton swab. Remove dark traces of eyeliner so that everything is clean. It will help you make your eye arrows sharper.

This is how you can quickly learn how to draw cat eyes with eyeliner by following these steps. During practice, you will better understand which cat-eye shape suits you and how to draw them correctly. If you are thinking about the length of the eye arrows, you should draw short and long. Then choose the option you like more. In the end, complement cat eyes with painted eyebrows and mascara. But apply mascara carefully so as not to spoil the eye arrows.

How To Do Cat Eyes For Different Eye Shapes?

How to Do Cat Eyes for Different Eye Shapes 1024x512 - How To Do Cat Eyes With Eyeliner? Cat Eyes Makeup In 6 Steps

Since natural cat eye makeup has become very popular, more and more techniques appear every time. Everyone’s eyes have a different shape. Some people need to narrow their eyes, while others, on the contrary, need to enlarge them. Therefore, to make your cat eyes look according to the shape of your eyes, read the following techniques:

Cat Eye For Wide Set Eyes

Almost any makeup is suitable for this type of eye. But, it is recommended not to highlight the inner corners of the eyes with light shadows. On the contrary, add something dark. When you draw cat eyes, draw a thicker line with the eyeliner above the eye’s middle. Next, starting from there, draw a thin line to the inner corner of the eye. Lengthening the lines can make your eyes look more expressive and bright. To emphasize the wide shape of the eye, lengthen the eyelashes in the inner corner of the eye.

Cat Eye For Upturned Eyes

Many techniques are suitable for such types of eyes. The best of them is following the natural shape of the eye. That is, you draw the cat eyes with eyeliner according to the shape of the eye. The lines should be thin and when you reach the outer corner, widen the line. The eye arrow should not be too long and not too short. And its tip should be sharp and clearly express the glance.

Cat Eye For Almond Eyes

Eye arrows for small eyes can be made using a pencil, liquid eyeliner, and even ordinary shadows. To highlight your glance, it is recommended to draw thin lines and start from the middle of the eye. The end of the line should be drawn slightly upwards to raise the look. Then, you should apply eyeliner only to the inner corner of the eye. Because if you completely emphasize the lower eyelid, your small eyes will lose their beautiful appearance.

Cat Eye For Close Set Eyes

To make a cat eye for this shape, you need to make the eyes more distant from each other. To do this, focus on the outer corners of the eye. Make them more horizontal and more extended. To distance your eyes, be sure to pay attention to the eyelashes. Apply a couple of mascara coats on the eye’s outer side. The cat eye makeup should end with a long, graceful line.

Cat Eye For Hooded Eyes

Such eyes have skin overhanging on the eye, and makeup is not visible because the skin fold spoils everything. But cat eye makeup is ideal for such a shape if you do it correctly. You need to draw a thick line and not horizontally but vertically. It will also be good to apply some shadows to the entire crease. Then the eye will not seem overhanging, and the glance will be clear. Next, it is not recommended to emphasize the lower eyelid for hooded eyes because it reduces them. So, highlight only the upper one with a thick line that will take the hood away from your eyes.

Cat Eye For Big Eyes

For big eyes, you don’t need to put a lot of emphasis on makeup. Big eyes are very expressive, so something not too bright suits them. To draw cat eyes, take eyeliner and draw the usual arrow shape. You can make the line wider from the eye’s middle, but not by much. Next, draw lines to the outer corner and make it graceful. Making an eye arrow that is too long is unnecessary because it will not look like cat eyes.

As you can see, there are many options for drawing eye arrows. And it all depends on the shape of your eye because you won’t be able to draw a cat eye for hooded eyes using the technique for big eyes. Why? Because it will not look beautiful due to the inappropriate shape of the eye. It is why you should focus on the above tips.

Maybe you don’t quite like a particular technique. Then you can try another one. After practising, you can find the perfect natural cat eye makeup for yourself.

4 Tips For Applying Cat Eye Makeup

4 Tips for Applying Cat Eye Makeup 1024x512 - How To Do Cat Eyes With Eyeliner? Cat Eyes Makeup In 6 Steps

I have some secret tips for you. They will help you learn how to do makeup with a cats eyeliner faster:

  1. When applying the eyeliner, do not lift the skin of the eye for better application of the line. On the contrary, it will make your line crooked, and in the worst case, it will smear your face. It would be best to draw a cat’s eye with open eyes looking directly into the mirror;
  2. Do cat eyes makeup while sitting at the table. So you can lean your elbow on the table, and your hand won’t shake. It will make your makeup application process much easier because if you make it up, you are less likely to make the eye arrows look even;
  3. If you need to remove imperfections, use cotton buds or something similar. But do not apply cosmetics such as micellar water on them because it has the ability to wash everything off at once. Therefore, it is better to soak a cotton swab in water and wipe off what is bothering you. Water can not erase everything as quickly as micellar water;
  4. It is not necessary to use only cat eyeliner. You can replace it with an arrow eye pencil or usual shadows. The difference is that the shadows can quickly fade, and it is more difficult for someone to draw eye arrows with a pencil. For this reason, most girls choose eyeliner because it is difficult to erase and it is more visible. But beginners can use a pencil that will be easier to erase in case of unsuccessful attempts to make cat eyes makeup;
  5. After painting eye arrows, you should raise your head and see from this angle whether your eye arrows are even on the eyelids. It is possible that when you look straight, everything seems to be neat, but when you look down, someone can see that something is crooked from above the eyelids. Therefore, I recommend checking everything once, so you don’t have to redo it later.

These are elementary rules, but they make applying makeup much more manageable. Therefore, remember them and use them when practicing natural cat eye makeup. 


What Angle Should Cat Eyeliner Be?

Cat eyeliner should be drawn diagonally from the outer corner of the eye to the temple. You can draw a line between the end of the eyebrow for easier orientation. If you can not do a straight-eye arrow, use tape.

Is Cat Eye Makeup For Everyone?

Of course. Anyone can paint themselves cat eyes, but before that, you must decide which eye arrows are right for you. Determine your eye shape and practice based on that.

How Do You Make A Cat’s Eye Look Natural?

You should not apply additional shadows and cosmetics to the eyes. Just draw the eye arrows and leave it at that. If you draw eyelashes, paint only one layer; this way, you will get natural cat eye makeup.