Published on October 2nd, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

What Eye Shape Do You Have? Determining Eye Shape With Ease

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Knowing the shape of the eyes is a valuable thing. It will help you select cosmetics more correctly and do eye makeup that will be more suitable for your face. Wondering, “what eye shape do I have?” then use the following steps to define the shape of your eyes:

  1. Set the mirror in a comfortable way;
  2. Find the eyelid crease;
  3. Draw an invisible line through your eye;
  4. Take a closer look at the corners of your eyes.

Have you ever had your eyeliner applied to look terrible on your eyes? Or did the shadows you wanted to make your eyes brighter just ruin your look? If you answered yes, the problem might be connected with choosing the wrong makeup for your eyes. It can happen because you do not know what eye shape you have. It’s time to deal with this.

Defining the shape of the eyes is not so difficult. To do it, you need a mirror and a little time.

This guide will help you to define the shape of your eyes so that you can select images for makeup more successfully.

How To Find Out The Shape Of The Eyes

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There are six different eye shapes that a person can have. Among them are the almond, round, monolid, hooded, downturned, and upturned forms. Each of these types of eyes shape has its description and difference. Once you’ve determined the shape of your eyes, you can begin to find your eye makeup style.

To find your eye shape, I have prepared several steps. Use them to understand the shape of your eyes.

1. Set The Mirror In A Comfortable Way

You have to set the mirror so you can easily define the shape of your eyes. To do this, set the mirror at your eye level and step back.

2. Find The Eyelid Crease

First, look at the upper part of the eyelid. If you don’t see any wrinkles on it, then most likely you have a monolid eye shape. If you find an eyelid crease that covers most of the eyelid, you have a downturned eye.

3. Draw An Invisible Line Through Your Eye

If the previous point did not help you much in determining the shape of the eyes, use our next step. Look at your eyes in a mirror and imagine that you are drawing a line that runs through the center of your eyes. After that, pay attention to the outer parts of your eyes and define if they are above or below the line. So, if the corners are above the line, you have an upturned eye shape. If below the line, you have lowered eyes.

4. Take A Closer Look At The Corners Of Your Eyes

The following method I would like to consider is looking at the outer parts of the eyes. You have round eyes if it does not bulge in any direction, and you can see the whites of your eyes both above and below the iris. If you can’t see whites well, then you have almond-shaped eyes.

I have compiled a table that contains descriptions of the different eye shapes. This table will also help you understand the shape of your eyes more quickly.

The shape of the eyesDescription
Almond shaped eyesThe iris is connected with the eyelid up and down. A crease can be visible above the eyes. The ends of the eyes taper towards each side.
Round eyesYou can see the wrinkles. You can see the whites from all sides. The eyes appear large and protruding. Both ends of the eyes do not narrow and do not stretch in any direction.
Monolid eyesEyes haven’t creased, and eyes appear flat.
Protruding eyesThe eyeballs appear to bulge.
Downturned eyesThe eyes narrow towards the outer part. The eye appears to have a slight drop towards the cheekbone.
Upturned eyesThe eyes are the opposite of downcast eyes. The shape of the eyes resembles an almond-shaped, but there is a small raised edge in the outer part of the eye. The lower lashes are curled up.

Bottom Line

Thus, we have covered several methods for understanding the type of eye that has been shaped. Also, I provided you with a table describing various eye shapes. It will help visually define your eye shape by reading some descriptions. Now, you know more about the anatomy of your face, and it means that you can create different looks that fit you perfectly.

Finding Your Eye Shape


What Eye Shape Do I Have?

The eye has six forms: almond, round, monolid, protruding, downturned, and upturned. Looking at yourself in the mirror to determine your eye shape would be best. After that, you should pay attention to the whites above and below your iris. If you see it completely – you have round eyes. If not – almond-shaped. Also, if your eyeballs seem to bulge, you have a bulging eye shape.

What Is Eye Shape Considered The Most Attractive?

The most attractive eye shape is the almond shape. The almond-shaped eyes are oval with an upturned outer corner. If you have almond-shaped eyes, you can create eye makeup using any shade of eye shadow.

What Is The Most Common Eye Shape?

The most common eye shape is almond-shaped. If you ask this question to a person who understands human anatomy, he will tell you that almost all people in the world have a ball-shaped eye that is not perfectly round.

Can I Change The Shape Of The Eyes?

The shape of the eyes may change if you have eye conditions or if your eyes are tired. Also, the shape of the eyes can be changed surgically and in non-invasive optical methods.