Published on August 19th, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

Applying Eyeliner: Answers To Popular Questions

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Many girls are fond of drawing arrows to create a stunning look. Applying eyeliner helps emphasize natural color and even visually reduces or enlarges the eyes, depending on what effect the girl needs to receive on her eyes. In this article, we will figure out what varieties of liners are and how to apply eyeliner correctly.

On the store shelves, you can find plenty of eyeliner for the eyes. They can have different forms and colors.

As for choosing the best way of applying eyeliner is difficult to single out one thing here because each event may have its style of applying arrows.

If you want to try applying eyeliner to your eyes, you need to apply a base in the form of a primer on the eyelids, then gently draw a line closer to the eyelashes, moving from the inner part of the eye to the outer one, and finish the line by drawing a wing, moving along a line that you must imagine, starting from the outer the end of the eye to the outer end of the eyebrow.

How Many Types Of Eyeliner Are There?

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In cosmetic shops, you can find four varieties of eyeliner. They can be liquid, cream, gel, and in the form of a pencil. 

For those who have just started using this thing, using eyeliner for eyes in the form of a pencil may be a great option. Because if you compare this type of cosmetic in the form of a pencil and the form of a gel, then for the latter option, you need a confident hand when applying eyeliner. Otherwise, the line may not lie smoothly in the eyes, and you will not get the expected result.

Eyeliner for eyes should be chosen consciously, considering the purpose of its application and other important factors. The wrong choice of this cosmetic product can lead to the fact that the lines are fuzzy, dull, too pale, and, in general, the eyeliner will not look very good on the eyes. From time to time, you can experiment with different types of eyeliner and apply it in different ways to your eyes.

I advise you not to stop at the acquisition of one eyeliner. Finding and choosing a good quality and comfortable eyeliner for eyes can seem daunting. However, I have prepared a list of existing types of eyeliner, explaining their distinctive features and the advantages of one option.

1. Eyeliner In The Form Of A Pencil

This is the most popular type of eyeliner for the eyes. This type of eyeliner will help create a natural look and is also an excellent option for beginners. However, everyone who decides to start applying the eyeliner with this type should consider that the pencil version is more challenging to wash off, so you should be more careful when applying such an eyeliner.

Let’s move to the following form of this type of cosmetic for the eyes.

2. Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner for eyes has the advantage of being easy to apply with a beveled brush. This type of eyeliner is well suited for creating romantic and delicate images. If a girl has already learned how to apply eyeliner to her eyes and does it confidently enough, gel eyeliner will help her apply arrows to her eyes faster than other types of this cosmetic product. Other benefits of gel eyeliners include the lack of dullness of their color and the fact that they do not irritate. Among gel eyeliners, a water-resistant type can be one of the best choices for you. 

3. Liquid Eyeliner

An eyeliner in liquid form is made based on a water formula. However, this option also requires a steady hand and practice. With careless movements, your lines may be smeared. However, those who already have enough experience applying liquid eyeliner to their eyes will be able to make their eyes visually larger. And also, this option is well suited for creating a cat’s eye. The liquid version of the eyeliner holds better on the eyes and tends to smudge less than other options.

4. Eyeliner In The Form Of A Felt-tip Pen

This type of eyeliner also applies to liquid options. Most people who prefer liquid eyeliners for their eyes say that this type of eyeliner is better than the brushed liquid type. With such a pen, you can draw a more precise line. If you have already learned how to put on eyeliner and trained with brush options, with this eyeliner, you will be able to draw complex and beautiful patterns on the eyes. A felt-tip pen is often used to draw a cat’s eye. If you decide to use this variant of the eyeliner, position the felt-tip pen perpendicular to the eye. Thus, you will get thinner and neater lines.

So, I have explained how many types of eyeliners exist and what each represents. Let’s move on to the next block of our article and discuss what type of eyeliner you should choose.

Which Eyeliner Should I Use?

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The answer to this question depends on what effect you are trying to achieve with your eyeliner for eyes.

Let’s take a closer look at what eyeliner looks like using eyeliner, and you will understand what exactly you need to use.

  • For a smoky effect, I advise you to use a pencil eyeliner;
  • For the effect of “light wing”, use a gel eyeliner;
  • To draw a clear and strict line, liquid eyeliner is suitable for you;
  • For a grunge effect, eyeliner in the form of a pencil;
  • For the effect of soft eyes, try the gel version of the eyeliner.

Also, if you have just started using eyeliners, start with a pencil version. This will be a great way to start using eyeliners and gradually move to liquid options.

Why make-up artists advise starting with a pencil version is that this way, you will be able to control the application of the product and do it as clearly as possible.

Liquid eyeliner options work well for a confident hand and look good if you need to draw a clear line. However, among the disadvantages of this option, one can note the complexity of its application and the risk of uneven lines.

Regardless of your choice, there are plenty of tips and tutorials on how to put on eyeliner. So, you can not worry. After a few workouts, you will get a great image. Let’s consider in detail how to put on eyeliner.

Eyeliner Application Tutorial

After we have covered the main issues related to the choice of eyeliner for the eyes, let’s look at how to apply eyeliner to the eyelids step-by-step:

1. Applying A Base For Makeup

In the same way, you apply a base as a foundation before applying blush or highlighter, you must apply a base for eyeliner. In this case, you can use a primer. This cosmetic prepares the texture of the eyelids so that the cosmetics you apply to your eyes will blend well. The primer will help you set your makeup for the whole day;

2. Applying Eyeliner To Your Upper Lash Line

Draw the line close to the lash line. Makeup artists advise not to apply eyeliner using one large line but to do it in small strokes;

3. Shaping The Wing With Eyeliner

Draw the wing along an imaginary line that starts at the outer end of the eye and goes to the outer end of the eyebrow;

4. Use Mascara

For a more dramatic eye look, apply two coats of mascara. So, you will get a spectacular image.

How to: PERFECT WINGED EYELINER every single time!!

Another essential point of answers to such questions as “How to put on eyeliner” is that on the inner corner of the eye, the line drawn with eyeliner should be as thin as possible, while on the outer corner of the eye, it should be thicker. The end of the line, located on the outer side of the eye, should be sharp. To do this, after applying the eyeliner, remove excess cosmetics with a cotton swab.

How Can I Keep Eyeliner From Smudging Or Smearing?

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You should be prepared that your eyeliner may smudge throughout the day or even while you apply it. However, do not be upset. There are specific tips following which you can prevent such a situation.

I have prepared for you a few recommendations, following which you can prevent the smearing of your eyeliner when you follow any eyeliner tutorial. So, follow my advice:

  1. Cleanse your skin well before applying makeup. If your skin type is fair, the eyeliner may smudge. To prevent this from happening, blot your face with a tissue to remove excess oil after washing your face;
  2. Use an eye primer so that the eyeliner fits nicely on your eyelid;
  3. At the very beginning, apply eyeshadow. You can use transparent or very light shades of shadows. They are only needed for a good base for applying shadows;
  4. Use waterproof eyeliner options. This will help you prevent smearing and rinsing of the cosmetic product;
  5. Do not apply eyeliner at the waterline of the eye. If you draw the eyeliner too close to the eyelashes on the lower eyelid, your eyes may start to water, as a result of which the cosmetics may smudge;
  6. After applying eyeliner, use a powder that can fix the result. You can also apply some shadow with a beveled brush to your eyeliner to help set the lines.

Bottom Line

Thus, we have considered the popular types of liners for the eyes, which are best for beginners and those who already have experience. I have also provided you with a detailed eyeliner tutorial to answer the frequent question “How to put on eyeliner?”. I am sure that all the readers will be able to create a stunning and chic look.

How To Apply Eyeliner Like a PRO! Simple and Quick Makeup Tutorial!


Do You Put Mascara On Before Eyeliner?

Experts advise using eyeliner before you apply mascara to your eyes. This will make it easier for you to draw the desired line with good visibility, and you won’t have to worry about makeup smearing.

What Goes First, Eyeliner Or Eyeshadow?

When it comes to prioritizing the application of cosmetics, makeup artists advise applying eye shadow first and then applying eyeliner. The fact is that eyeliner will lie much better on a prepared surface in the form of shadows, so heed this advice.

Should You Put Foundation On Eyelids?

Don’t put foundation on your eyelids before you line your eyes. This can cause makeup to roll off.

What Eyeliner Color Suits Dark Skin?

If you have dark skin, I advise you to choose burgundy or red eyeliner. Also, among other shades, you can select plum-colored eyeliner. Don’t go for reds that are too bright. Focus on dark poses that look great on dark skin.

What Eyeliner Color To Choose For Dark Eyes?

For owners of dark eyes, black or dark brown eyeliner is best suited. Opt for hues like pure black, taupe, deep purple, or navy blue. These eyeliner colors will look amazing with dark eyes.