Published on September 5th, 2023

Last updated on September 5th, 2023

20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

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looking beautiful without makeup

A perfect appearance without cosmetics is possible. Indeed, you may find natural ingredients to highlight your appearance features. Smooth facial skins without abnormalities result from several easy-to-do methods:

  • Scheduled beauty maintenance sessions, including homemade masks and SPA procedures;
  • Rational dietary formula enriched by nutrients and well-balanced hydration;
  • Physical activities dedicated to muscle strength and flexibility;
  • Experiment with outfits and haircuts to hide defects.

Looking beautiful without makeup has become a trend. Because of non-organic ingredients of most cosmetics, you could spoil your naturally-born beauty. For instance, intense ultraviolet light deteriorates skin properties. As a result, you look older than your age.

This article summarizes the best techniques to keep a youthful and fresh appearance. To this end, you should only pay for moderately expensive makeup and SPA services.

Proper Skin Clearance

2 Proper Skin Clearance min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Skin is an indicator of natural beauty. So, be active and follow your skin maintenance schedule. Indeed, cleaned pores reduce the risks of different skin disorders:

  • Acne;
  • Dermatitis;
  • Abnormal dehydration;
  • Allergy rash;
  • Sunburn peeling;
  • Slight wrinkles.

The only rule for successful skin clearance refers to an adjusted schedule. Morning and evening procedures should include several stages of epidermis maintenance. Warm washing with safe lotion and soft cream soup is perfect. Your choice depends on your skin type to avoid undesirable consequences.

Facial skin requires particular attention to the nose and eye, suffering from external factors. Apart from everyday rituals, practice exfoliation and dry brush peeling. As such, your skin will be young and elastic.

Hydration Control

3 Hydration Control min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Water preserves the natural qualities of epidemics. Human skin contains nearly 64% of water. Without this vital liquid, you could hardly know how to look pretty naturally. Thus, it would help if you controlled its balance for external and internal usage.

So, consider only two powerful recommendations:

  • Apply nutrition-enriched moisturizers for regular treatment and skin problem removal. If you are still waiting for the appropriate alternatives, consider rose water benefits. This extract is full of nutrients that help your skin shine;
  • Remember skin accompanying features. Hair and nails also suffer from dehydration. Liquid with significant nutrition intensifies your beauty’s healthy look, especially strands of hair.

Drink Water

4 Drink Water min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Drink at least two liters of water a day. This axiom is a continuation of the point mentioned above. Water consumption directly influences the functions of your alimentary organs. They are critical reasons for your skin quality inside.

So, naturally a pretty face and body results from adjusted water balance. To avoid adverse reactions, take several preconditions into account:

  • Do not drink a vast volume of liquid before sleeping. Such habit gradually leads to problems with kidneys and facial skin;
  • Use only fresh spring or distilled water. Carbonated options are intolerant;
  • The only impurities allowed are organic nutrients like lemon, cucumber, and some herbs.

Do Face Massage

5 Do Face Massage min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

The back, legs, and arms are not the only parts of your body that critically need a massage. The relaxing movements are a glorious surprise for your facial skin. Stress and challenging weather conditions sometimes leave deep wrinkles. These features spoil your natural beauty. As a result, you add several years to your biological age.

Luckily, this delicate procedure foresees many ways to look beautiful naturally:

  • Classic massage techniques;
  • Unique stones and rolls;
  • Acupuncture therapy.

Finalize the massaging session with nutritional masks or herb steaming to strengthen results.

Apply Eyelash Tricks

6 Apply Eyelash Tricks min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Eyes are more than a mirror of human souls. They show your emotional and physiological state. These appearance features easily demonstrate tiredness and insomnia signs. Before performing effective corrections, assess your eyelashes.

You can magnetize surrounding males if you naturally own long, thick eyelashes. For beauties with thin eyelashes, there are no reasons to disappoint. Looking beautiful without makeup, lifting, and eyelash extension is possible.

The experts recommend many methods to reach visually extended eyelashes without their deterioration:

  • Essential oils;
  • Vitamin therapy;
  • Massage;
  • Diet modifications.

Take Care of Eyebrows

7 Take Care of Eyebrows min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Your eyebrow hygiene is an indicator of natural attraction. For pretty eyebrows, pay attention to several essential points:

  • Eye form;
  • Skin type;
  • Face features.

Once you balance all points, you reach the expected results. Beautiful and carefully maintained eyebrows grant a unique glance. Beauty centers with aggressive chemicals highlighting your eyebrow color only spoil the look.

The natural beauty of your eyebrows needs no makeup. Perform all eyebrow correction steps at home:

Focus On Lips

8 Focus On Lips min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Lips are one of the main attributes of human attractiveness. People react to the mouse during dialogues, processing information and assessing the companion. How could you neglect the natural charm that lips keep?

Looking beautiful without makeup means having healthy and plumy lips naturally. It’s natural, and you do not need dangerous surgery and chemical injections. How to do this? Here, you may take several recommendations into account:

  • Exfoliate your lips to renovate their natural beauty;
  • Lighten the dark lips to reduce their aging;
  • Apply safe cosmetological tricks, including massages, essential oil therapy, and visual illusions;
  • Reduce the aggressive color lipsticks. The regular usage of non-organic cosmetics deteriorates your lips’ properties. So, you may practice light colors to look younger and fresher.

Bleach Teeth

9 Bleach Teeth min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

People with bad habits like smoking should remember their teeth’ beauty. Yellow or brown tints do not add charming vibes to your natural beauty and increase your face age.

To prevent adverse effects, you may apply several tips:

  • Regular teeth hygiene procedures;
  • Only safe organic toothpaste and periodic cosmetological sessions. The last ones include homemade herbal liquids. These solutions are better to disinfect your mouse and natural teeth color preservation;
  • Proper stomatological schedule.

No Bags Under the Eyes

10 No Bags Under the Eyes min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

As mentioned above, the eyes can describe your physiological and emotional health. Dark bags under the eyes are an alarm about the immediate interaction to keep you healthy. So, looking beautiful without makeup is possible if your abnormality-free eye skin shines.

For quick removal of circles under the eyes, you need to take particular measures:

  • Sleep well. Also, choose the same bedtime for working days and weekends;
  • Do not refuse to apply facial masks enriched with nutrients;
  • Use special treating cosmetics to moisturize and recover the affected areas.

Choose Nutritional Cosmetics

11 Choose Nutritional Cosmetics min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Highly vitaminized cosmetics for daily care are an excellent alternative to non-organic options with aggressive ingredients. Their unique quality aims to recover damaged skin cells.

As such, you may look fresh and keep the natural beauty without traditional makeup. The only rule you need to follow is to avoid excessive nutritional cosmetics. This caution is essential for allergy-tolerant people.

Treat Your Hands

12 Treat Your Hands min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Your hands keep information about your age. Well-maintained fingers, arms, and elbows could hide your biological years. Indeed, you really look beautiful without cosmetics. For these incredible results, specify the hand treatment methods of how to look pretty naturally:

  • Take care of your skin using different techniques. Massage and mask therapy are top procedures to return natural beauty to your hand skin;
  • Do not forget about the manicure. In this case, preferences should refer to French trends. Neutral colors to highlight nails are also approved;
  • Follow day and night rituals to moisturize your hands with special lotions or creams.

Remember about Ultraviolet Lights

13 Remember about Ultraviolet Lights min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Summer sunlights are the most dangerous factors which deteriorates facial skin. Some celebrities avoid ultraviolet to prevent skin rash, burnout, and tumors.

No sun protection tactic jeopardizes your effort aimed at looking beautiful without makeup. So, special sprays are obligatory to create a natural barrier against ultraviolet lights. As such, your skin will be saved from early-formed wrinkles and signs of tiredness.

Hide Defects

14 Hide Defects min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Some people have special features differing from their surroundings. Moles, birthmarks, and specific scurs make such people shy. But there are no reasons to worry about it.

If you have one of the extraordinary signs on your face or body, find the ways to look beautiful naturally:

  • Highlight unique features thanks to nutritional cosmetics;
  • Hide your “defects” with haircut experiments.

Nevertheless, any appearance is worth being beautiful. Due to simple tricks, no one could judge such beauty features.

Experiment with Haircuts

15 Experiment with Haircuts min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Healthy hair, long or short, is a background of natural beauty without makeup. Once you care about your hair strands, you should be worried about haircut options. Bobs, braids, and stylish layers could highlight the facial features of ladies and gentlemen.

Pay attention to one of the essential rules to prolong your natural hair beauty. Never experiment with bleaches. These chemicals deteriorate hair qualities and affect the scalp skin.

So, you must select only natural hair shampoos. Do not neglect period homemade mask therapy.

Sleep Well

16 Sleep Well min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Sleeping is the primary doctor for your natural beauty. Lack of healthy sleep leads to many physiological and psychological disorders. All beauties should schedule their bedtime and know everything about sleep quality.

Thus, looking beautiful without makeup is a guarantee of well-balanced dreams, which depends on several factors:

  • Pre-sleeping habits. Typically, before going to bed, you should leave all gadgets. Only a paper book of favorite stories is acceptable;
  • Relaxing sounds to sleep calmly and without nightmares;
  • Cleaned bedroom full of fragrant stress-eliminating scents.

Rational Dietary Formula

17 Rational Dietary Formula min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

The nutrition-balanced dietary formula positively affects the skin’s surface and improves its natural properties. Foods that contain a high volume of healthy fats and vitamins strengthen skin elasticity. Nutrients are also bricks of the immune system that affects your emotional background. You may reach a naturally pretty face and shiny skin with rational diets. 

Physical Activities At First

18 Physical Activities At First min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Keep fit, and look young and strong! This motto is a must-have rule for everyone who wants to forget about cosmetics. Physical exercises are a source of ultimate energy. It is also a good stimulant for natural beauty. For the best results, focus on smooth movements and philosophy-based activities like:

  • Yoga;
  • Pilates;
  • Jogging;
  • Outside walks with meditation breaks;
  • Swimming.

Looking beautiful without makeup is easy if you can combine sports with work and rest time.

Improve Apperal Colors

19 Improve Apperal Colors min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Clothing is the other way to perform a few tricks with your appearance. Colors could hide shape defects and highlight the necessary parts. Also, fashion trends are not a panacea to reaching natural beauty without makeup. 

For a young look and fresh facial features, clothing strategy discovers several secrets:

  • Avoid pale colors, especially if your skin is transparent or dry;
  • Use warm coloring to make illusions of happiness and joy;
  • Select your size and think twice before trying to oversize. For instance, some models are inappropriate for people with large parameters.

Add Minimum Accessories

20 Add Minimum Accessories min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Jewelry can spoil your natural beauty. To minimize such risks, try to be a minimalist in accessories. For instance, do not choose heavy necklaces with large stones. Using several types of heirlooms could be tricky and provides a ridiculous look.

Any piece of jewelry should be fancy. As as such, a young and fresh look results from well-designed options. For instance, tiny bracelets and small pendants are perfect to finalize unique apperal. In other ways, you would have a risk of adding some ages to your appearance.

Only Positive Thoughts

21 Only Positive Thoughts min 150x150 - 20 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Looking beautiful without makeup equals positive vibes in your head and heart. The modified mindset strengthens your inner energy and directs it to your appearance. Shine inside out. So, any problem could leave their signs on your face.

To think positively, practice the following procedures:

  • Meditation during physical exercises and facial mask procedures;
  • Use white noise or nature-imitating sounds during massages;
  • Visit energy-boosting locations alone to charge your strengths.

Bottom Line

To look pretty without makeup is possible if you follow these recommendations. The best method is a simple rule – Always be active in caring for your natural appearance features. Be active and keep your beauty correctly. Finally, you may look younger and fresher with no cosmetics.


How to look fresh for girls?

The fresh look depends on three easy-to-do steps. Healthy well-scheduled sleeping is a priority for your skin maintenance. Reduced harmful cosmetics are the other way to eliminate fast face aging. The last recommendation is to perform simple beauty therapy activities.

How to look pretty naturally?

Caring for facial and hand skin is the best way to preserve a youthful look. Perform daily hygiene procedures. Also, do not forget about periodic cosmetological measures.  Skin peeling and moisturizing with DIY scrubs and creams are obligatory to do.

What does natural look mean?

Natural beauty does not need any makeup. You may use nutritional cosmetics to highlight some features. But the general look includes only facial parts’ in-birth color and texture.

How can I make my skin look good without makeup?

For ideal skin texture, you should adequately keep its properties. To this end, use natural ingredients for homemade creams and masks. Scrub exfoliation is essential to get rid of dead cells. It also prevents many dermatological problems like acne.