Published on September 2nd, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

How To Make Teeth White: 12 Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter

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Most people are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth and want to change them. They can turn yellow, the enamel deteriorates, and white spots appear on them. Certain factors cause all this, but it can happen to someone naturally.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally white teeth, so there are specific ways to make your teeth whiter. These can be both home methods and visits to the dentist. And each of these methods has its pros and cons. For example:

  • Teeth whitening at home can take a long time, and getting the desired effect is not always possible. On the other hand, it is natural and does not cause any harm to your teeth;
  • If we are talking about whitening at the dentist, it is usually a much faster process. You can get teeth whitening in one procedure, but it is costly. 

So, to maintain the excellent appearance of your teeth, you need to take proper care of them and avoid bad habits that provoke discoloration.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Each person has their own color of teeth. This color has been formed since childhood. And in someone, they can be naturally white, and in others, with yellowness. However, this becomes a problem only after changing during your life. Several factors can cause it:

CauseIn what way?
1. Non-compliance with teeth hygiene practicesThe elementary rule of good-looking teeth is to brush your teeth regularly. But if you do not do this, over time, you will have plaque, the enamel will deteriorate, and the teeth will lose their healthy appearance.
2. Consumption of certain productsYour teeth may change color if you often consume coffee, tea, chocolate, and similar products. The fact is that such products contain dyes, leading to the darkening of teeth. Therefore, you need to brush your teeth after eating such food.

3. Smoking
Smoking can quickly affect the deterioration of the teeth. Smoking darkens the teeth and creates yellow spots. Therefore, you need to get rid of this habit if you want to get white teeth.
4. Age changesOver time, people age, and their body changes. Someone’s body may be weak, leading to fragility and tooth color loss. Or long-term lack of hygiene also starts making your teeth yellow with age.
5. GeneticsThe thickness of your enamel and the appearance of your teeth depends mainly on genetics. Some people are genetically endowed with strong teeth, while others have weak and not very healthy ones. So, it can also cause discoloration of teeth.

Therefore, there are enough reasons for this. In addition, your teeth may lose color from some diseases or taking certain medications. So, you need to provide appropriate care for your teeth. Even usual compliance with teeth hygiene practices can make your teeth whiter and healthier. So, avoid the above causes of discoloration, and you will get white teeth.

7 Best Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter

A smile with white teeth that gives an attractive look is everyone’s dream. We always see the snow-white smiles of TV presenters, models in magazines, and movie actors. But not all people understand that this is only an ideal picture for the audience, and not everyone has perfectly white teeth. It is where our complexes about the natural appearance of teeth appear. So, to avoid these complexes, I have prepared for you ways to make your teeth whiter:

1. Use Whitening Toothpaste

Use whitening toothpaste 1024x512 - How To Make Teeth White: 12 Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter

All of us have seen advertisements for whitening paste more than once. And this is an effective way. As soon as you notice stains, plaque, and yellowing on your teeth, I advise you to try a whitening toothpaste. It will help prevent discoloration of teeth and start making your teeth whiter. But pay attention to the quality of the toothpaste you buy. If it says whitening, it does not mean you will immediately get your teeth whiter. For a good effect, the toothpaste must contain natural ingredients. It is nice if it includes coal or baking soda. These are the things that affect teeth whitening. 

However, I do not recommend using this paste all the time. Because such pastes often contain peroxide. It can spoil tooth enamel. Therefore, use this paste for about a month and then take a break. So you get your teeth white, and at the same time, you will not harm yourself.

2. Watch What You Eat And Drink

Watch what you eat and drink 1024x512 - How To Make Teeth White: 12 Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter

I recommend eating more healthy products and less harmful ones. And if you eat junk food, brush your teeth after it. It makes your teeth whiter. 

We eat a lot of different foods, but we don’t think about their consequences. However, ordinary food can gradually change the color of our teeth. It can be something sweet or salty that does not contain anything nutritious. For example, chocolate and other sweets are the first products that cause unattractive teeth. When we eat sweets, we create all the conditions in the oral cavity for bacteria to multiply. The same happens when we drink a lot of coffee, wine, tea, and soda water. 

So, I recommend that you avoid such products. I especially recommend reducing the consumption of coffee and various juices. This tip will help strengthen the enamel. And when the enamel is strong, you can get teeth whiter. 

3. Use A Mouthwash

Use a mouthwash 1024x512 - How To Make Teeth White: 12 Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter

Do not be lazy to give 30-60 seconds of your time and rinse your mouth. Mouthwashes cope well with bacteria that accumulate day and night and whiten your teeth. During the day, you consume many products from which you can get bacteria in your mouth. They begin to provoke tooth decay and can change the color of teeth for the worse. 

Therefore, use mouthwashes. They not only get rid of bacteria but also have a whitening effect and freshen your breath. If you use this tool daily, you will notice how you get your teeth much whiter after a few months. 

4. Follow The Rules Of Hygiene

Follow the rules of hygiene 1024x512 - How To Make Teeth White: 12 Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter

The first thing you should follow to get your teeth white is to brush your teeth. A basic hygiene routine is the key to a beautiful smile. It is why it’s the best way to get white teeth. Do not be lazy to set aside a couple of minutes in the morning and evening to brush your teeth. Also, this procedure should be carried out after eating products that can spoil the color of the teeth. Therefore, brush your teeth after drinking coffee and acidic foods. It significantly improves the condition of the teeth.

Also, the rules of hygiene include rinsing the mouth and correct movements of brushing the teeth. Always brush your teeth properly by touching your upper and lower jaw. Brush all teeth thoroughly and pay attention to hard-to-reach places. Food can get stuck between the teeth and cause stains on the teeth. Therefore, follow the rules of hygiene and do it correctly. Regular tooth brushing and the correct movements will make your teeth whiter.

5. Visit The Dentist Regularly

Visit the dentist regularly 1024x512 - How To Make Teeth White: 12 Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter

A doctor can help you fix all your dental problems. The fact is that our teeth can look beautiful but deteriorate imperceptibly. Bacteria, stuck food, and plaque may not necessarily be in a visible place. You may not have seen it, but you will notice how your teeth have changed color after some time. 

Therefore, you must visit the dentist every three months, even if nothing bothers you. They will examine you and may give you some care advice. A visit to the doctor will help you cope with problems, and this will help get your teeth white. The dentist’s recommendation always ensures a beautiful smile and helps to get a beautiful smile.

6. Give Up Smoking And Tobacco Use

Give up smoking and tobacco use 1024x512 - How To Make Teeth White: 12 Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter

Have you noticed how different the teeth color is between people who smoke and those who don’t? People who smoke have noticeably yellow teeth. The fact is that the use of tobacco causes brown and yellow spots on the teeth that penetrate the enamel. Therefore, it is recommended to get rid of smoking. 

Of course, returning the white color of teeth after cigarettes is difficult, but it is possible. As soon as you forget about tobacco, your teeth will stop decaying.

However, if it is difficult for you to quit smoking and you are doing it slowly, I advise you to brush your teeth after each smoking. It will help to remove all harmful bacteria and plaque caused by tobacco immediately. So, gradually reduce the use of this habit, and you will be able to get your teeth whiter and healthier.

7. Use An Electric Toothbrush

Use an electric toothbrush 1024x512 - How To Make Teeth White: 12 Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter

A manual brush is good, but an electronic one is even better. Such a brush copes with the teeth’ contamination, which helps whiten the teeth. The electronic brush performs many circular rotations that clean the teeth even in hard-to-reach places. It copes with cleaning the oral cavity itself, and you only need to rinse your mouth afterward. Isn’t it cool when the brush itself cleans your teeth and whitens them at the same time? That is why it is one of the best ways to make your teeth whiter.

Also, vigorous tooth brushing helps to remove stains and plaque on the teeth. After several months of brushing your teeth with an electronic brush, you will notice how your teeth have become whiter and more attractive.

So, if you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth and you want to make your teeth more, you better follow the rules outlined above. Each of the recommendations is effective and not difficult to follow.

5 Tips For Getting Whiter Teeth In The Quickest Way

Useful tips for whiter teeth 1024x512 - How To Make Teeth White: 12 Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter

In addition to general teeth whitening tips, I have prepared additional tricks for you. These are ways to whiten your teeth using home remedies:

1. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda has whitening properties. Also, it is soft and does not wear away tooth enamel. That is why removing stains and yellowing on teeth with baking soda is a popular way. So, mix one teaspoon of baking soda with two teaspoons of water and brush your teeth with this paste. Do this for two weeks every other day, and then take a break for 1-2 weeks. The result will not make you wait.

2. Use Orange Or Banana Peel

Fruits, in general, are good for us and our teeth. But even their peel, which we throw away, can be helpful. Take an orange or banana peel and rub it on your teeth for 2 minutes. The components contained in the peel will begin to act and make your teeth whiter. And the vitamins contained in the orange peel will be beneficial not only for your teeth but also for your health. So, I recommend doing this procedure for no more than 5-6 days. It is enough for a good effect.

3. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can fight harmful bacteria and plaque. In this way, it works as a teeth whitener. You need to rub your teeth with a teaspoon of this oil to get the effect. Apply it to your teeth and wait 15-20 minutes. You can do it daily. It will clean your cavity and teeth of excess dirt during this time. After that, be sure to rinse your mouth.

4. Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Even dentists recommend this method. They believe that rinsing the mouth with hydrogen peroxide will help get teeth whiter. To do this, you need to mix a 3% solution with boiled water in a ratio of 1:1. First, brush your teeth, and then rinse your mouth with this mixture. You can do this every day, but be very careful about the percentage of hydrogen peroxide. Too much concentration can spoil the enamel. Therefore, follow the correct recipe and get your teeth whiter.

5. Use Activated Charcoal

It is one of the most common tips for whiter teeth. A black tablet of activated charcoal can lighten your teeth. To do this, you need to grind the tablet until you get a fine powder. Pour this powder into a toothbrush and brush your teeth with it. The charcoal will give you a whitening effect and fight plaque. However, do not do this procedure often because you can damage the enamel. One time a week will be enough.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many tips for whiter teeth. And all these ways are helpful and can make your teeth whiter in a short time. The main thing is to want to do them and try to do them regularly. It is the only way to get a Hollywood smile with snow-white teeth.


How Can I Whiten My Teeth Fast?

The fastest way to make your teeth whiter is to visit a dentist. He offers several options for teeth whitening, but it is not a cheap pleasure. With the help of modern equipment, they can make your teeth snow-white in about 1-2 hours.

What Food Whitens Teeth?

Fruits and vegetables have a good effect on teeth whitening. They contain many valuable vitamins and strengthen your enamel. Therefore, it is advised to eat the following foods: apples, cheese, meat, strawberries, carrots, and greens. It will help get teeth whiter and provide your body with nutrients.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Procedure Last?

It depends on the way you whiten. You can try to whiten your teeth naturally, and the effect will appear for up to six months. Or you can go to the dentist and have your teeth whitened in one or more procedures.

Do Teeth Whitening Strips Work?

Yes, they help. Recently, these strips have gained tremendous popularity and are actively used. They can whiten your teeth and remove unwanted stains from them. However, they are not very effective on very damaged teeth and are less effective than whitening at a dentist.