Published on February 1st, 2023

Last updated on September 5th, 2023

The Benefits Of a Morning Walk

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In the age of high technology, many people prefer to stay in the silence of their apartments. As it is easier to solve all your problems remotely. It has become even more normal after coronavirus lockdowns. However, quiet may not always be the most important factor. Sometimes it is worth stepping out of your comfort zone and going for a walk. And you don’t have to do it just to go out once every few days. This activity has nine great benefits. You can be sure that morning walks help with weight loss. Scientific studies say that if you only go out for a walk once a day, it’s better to do it early in the morning. Annabelle Streets, the author of The Age-Well Project, writes that if you get a good dose of daylight within an hour of waking up, every cell and neuron in your body can tune in to work efficiently. We will talk about morning walk tips and benefits.

So read our article to find out the reasons to get up early in the morning and go for a walk.

What Are The Benefits Of An Early Morning Walk?

Morning walks will energize you and put you in a good mood for the whole day. And a good sleep will allow you to recover well. It is not all the benefits of activity in the morning. Walking in the morning can improve your quality of life both physically and mentally. Even a 10-minute walk is enough. The excuse for bad weather is not accepted. Even on a cloudy day, the light outside is much more intense than the brightest light indoors. Lack of time is a major problem for anyone walking before breakfast  regularly. How many times have you planned an effective exercise but had to postpone it? You have always had new commitments. The solution to this problem is quite simple – you have to get up a little earlier. That way, you can devote half an hour or an hour to yourself.

Discover all the health benefits of a morning walk. Here are nine reasons to start your day with a few steps.  

1. Energy Increasing 

If you start your day with a walk, you can give yourself more energy throughout the day. If you go outside, this is especially true.

Studies show that adults who walked outside for 20 minutes experienced more vitality and energy than those who walked indoors for 20 minutes. Trust us, walking outdoors will help you much more than a cup of coffee. It is a good one of morning walk tips.

Next time you need a morning energy boost or feel tired when you wake up, you might try a walk.

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2. You Will Sleep Better At Night

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Walking, in the first place, can improve nighttime sleep. A small 2017 study observed seniors ages 55 to 65. They had difficulty falling asleep at night or suffered from mild insomnia. Those who exercised in the morning rather than in the evening had better sleep quality at night.

3. Improve Mental Clarity

A morning walk for weight loss can improve your mental clarity and ability to focus throughout the day. One recent study found that older adults who started their day with a morning walk improved their cognitive function compared to those who remained sedentary.

Walking also helps you think more creatively. Walking opens up a free flow of ideas. They can help you solve problems better than sitting or a sedentary lifestyle. It is especially true if you walk outdoors.

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4. Vigorous Day And Sound Sleep At Night

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Morning light tell the layer of neurons inside your eyes that it’s time for action, while the production of melatonin (the hormone that makes us sleepy and helps us sleep at night) decreases. Morning light also increases cortisol levels, waking you up and energizing you.

Walking produces serotonin, a chemical that makes us feel pleasure. And later, serotonin turns into melatonin, necessary for a good night’s sleep. Thus, walking before breakfast improves sleep.

5. Healthy Heart And Blood Vessels

Bright morning light stimulates a special gene. It strengthens blood vessels and reduces the risk of a heart attack. This is why heart attacks occur less often in summer than in winter. It is one of the most important benefits of a morning walk.

A recent study showed that participants exposed to 30 minutes of intense light from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. for five consecutive days had elevated protein PER2. It is crucial for normalizing circadian rhythms and strengthening blood vessels.

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6. Controlling Your Blood Pressure

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Physical activity is one of the best ways to control hypertension naturally. But exercising in the morning may have an added benefit. One study found that the most favorable changes in blood pressure occurred on workout days at 7 a.m. An undeniable benefit of morning exercise. 

7. Help For Loss Of Extra Pounds

Systematic morning walk is excellent for weight loss. Even if you walk at a leisurely pace in the morning, you will burn up to 160 calories in thirty minutes. You can lose a lot more pounds in a shorter period. Especially if you combine walking with a proper diet and strength training.

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8. Muscle Strengthening

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Walking also helps to strengthen leg muscles. Although we all know about the general strengthening effect on the human body. For best results, try to take your morning walks at a moderate to fast pace.

9. Improving Attention Span

An important advantage of morning exercise is that it:

  • helps blood circulation;
  • improves blood flow to the brain. 

Just 30 minutes of exercise will improve your brain function. And it will also help make it more resistant to disturbances. Walking before breakfast  will improve your memory and concentration. It will also lead to faster problem-solving.

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Bottom Line

 Now, you are sure about all benefits of a morning walk.  You will feel more energetic and alert if you start your day with a walk. In turn, it encourages you to prioritize healthy and wholesome foods throughout the day. But you should always remember to use sunscreen to avoid skin damage. Add more good habits to your life and be healthier.


When Is It Better To Walk In The Morning Or In The Evening?

Walking is useful regardless of weather conditions and at different times of the day. We recommend choosing a time between 5-7 a.m because it is usually the perfect temperature outside. Traffic is also not too congested. So you can enjoy the silence and be alone with yourself.

What Happens If I Walk Every Morning?

Walking strengthens muscle tissues and improves the cardiovascular system. Walking increases stress tolerance, improves mood, and normalizes sleep. During walking, the percentage of risk of injury is extremely low. Walking helps you burn calories.

Do Morning Walks Burn Fat?

Yes, of course. Walking in the morning is just as much physical activity as running and swimming. Fat burning starts at a walking speed of about 5 km/h, and the calorie expenditure at 7 km/h will be the same as running.

Is It Safe To Walk Early In The Morning?

We think it doesn’t. Although, the answer to this question depends on the overall crime situation in the city. We recommend going out at 6-7 a.m. Most people go to work at that time. So, choose a better neighborhood and go for a walk without fear.

Is It Better To Walk On An Empty Stomach?

No, ideally, you should eat 1.5-2 hours before the walk. This way, you will provide the body with the necessary energy reserve. We advise you to eat light foods. You can boil and stew vegetables, salads dressed with vegetable oils, and poultry. However, you can be guided by how you feel.