Published on August 31st, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

Lash Extension Bath: How To Shower Eyelashes And Should You?

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The inability to shower with eyelash extensions is one issue disturbing many females. Experts advise against moisturizing eyelashes for the first 24 hours following an extension. You can make a lash extension bath following the procedure; however, try not to get your eyelash extensions wet because every circumstance is different.

Being gorgeous and self-assured is simple; you only need to want it. Girls can choose from various “beauty procedures” offered by modern cosmetology, with eyelash extensions being one of the most popular. This technique is appropriate for females with naturally attractive eyelashes who wish to enhance their appearance and make their eyes stand out and girls with sparse and short eyelashes.

Don’t forget that maintaining lash extensions after and before bathing involves sacrifice. In our case, good maintenance will keep eyelashes in top shape for a long time rather than surrender. I will go through the technique in-depth, respond to your inquiries, and offer advice on how to take care of your eyelash extensions.

Making Lash Extension Bath Without Getting Extensions Wet

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Arrange your eyelashes after the shower carefully; remember to avoid touching them while in the shower. Long eyelashes do not need to abandon hygienic practices. They enable you to live a regular life — wash, shower, bathe, go to the pool, etc. The most important thing is to take care of them and adhere to care guidelines:

1. Wait For Two Days

After the lash extension treatment, you cannot bathe the expanded eyelashes the next morning. Waiting two days before doing it is much better. Use specialized glue to adhere eyelash extensions to the eyelids if you get lash extensions wet. This adhesive can finish drying in two days. There are adhesives with a long drying period for the convenience of craftspeople. It is preferable to wash your face alone with water, giving special attention to the forehead and area behind the eyes.

2. Choose A Sink Over A Shower

Do your face washing and lash extension bathing in the sink, not the shower. The shower pressure can be too much for eyelash extensions. Wash in the sink instead. In the morning, wash your face with boiled water because chlorinated water and its particles can corrode the glue and the artificial fibers. When washing, do not rub your eyes. Splash water on your face with your hands to moisten it. Rinse the face wash out while avoiding your eyelashes. Avoid getting water jets directly on your face when washing your hair.

3. Lower Bath Temperature

Steam weakens the binding between the adhesive and the eyelids. Try reducing the temperature if you typically take hot showers with a lot of moisture, so you don’t loosen the extension adhesive daily. Keep the shower in an excellent location to prevent excessive moisture. Turn on the bathroom fan to quickly remove the steam.

4. Don’t Use Water Pressure When Showering

The longevity of your eyelash extensions may suffer if water pressure is applied directly to them. When showering with eyelash extensions, turn around so that the water hits the back of your head rather than your eyes. You can also get some water in your hands and rinse your face.

5. After Lash Extensions Bathing, Check For Dryness

Long eyelashes dry more slowly than natural ones and can’t be vigorously brushed with a cloth. The condition of them might be harmed and falling out caused by moisture that gets on them and remains on an adhesive foundation. After cleaning, dry the cilia with a fan.

The final guideline to remember is never to attempt to remove your eyelash extensions. Make touch with the master to remove them.

Lash Extension Bath: How To Avoid Getting Lash Extensions Wet

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Except for the activities listed above, you can continue living your previous life and doing what you used to. Eyelash extensions are not a justification for altering your way of life. However, treat them gently to preserve their attractiveness for as long as possible. You can’t perform the following tasks:

1. Do Not Attend The Sauna

The advice is to avoid using the sauna and bath during the first few days following the treatment. Cover your eyes with a tissue or a dry flannel if you decide to use the steam room.

2. Do Not Attend An Aquatic Facility

If you need a pool and use eyelash extensions, you need to invest in a pair of swimming goggles. They’ll aid in preventing contact with chlorinated water, extending the lifespan of your brand-new eyelashes. Try to get by without visiting the swimming pool throughout the eyelash extension period.

3. Do Not Dive

You will have to stop diving and getting lash extensions wet since the adhesive layer might be harmed by salt water. Only with appropriate glasses is water immersion feasible without damaging eyelash extensions. Diving in seawater is also not welcome, though it is difficult to deny yourself this pleasure. So the method is the same: to bathe with fresh water after swimming. Otherwise, a salt coating remains on the cilia, which is highly undesirable.

To dry out your eyelashes, apply both above and below. Avoid placing the towel on your lashes when drying your face. Instead, use a towel to dry the area around your eyes. Lashings should air dry before applying makeup.

Lash Extension Bath: How To Make Lashes Last Longer

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To maintain eyelash extensions, you should wear little makeup, brush your eyelashes, and check for dryness. Take a lukewarm shower and avoid getting water on your face. It is easy and not challenging to take care of eyelash extensions. You don’t even need to take care of them – handle them properly in real life and shower with eyelash extensions.

The only natural defense you need is good hygiene. When customers neglect to properly clean their lashes and allow germs and debris to accumulate along the lash, they become infected. They are also “frightened” of mechanical harm, extended wetness exposure, extreme heat, and cosmetic or cleaning items with a lot of fat or oils. Follow the tips below to maintain your eyelash extensions correctly:

1. Stop Rubbing Your Eyes

Mechanical tension can potentially tear the adhesive or hasten the thinning of your eyelashes. When getting out of the shower, waking up, or when anything gets in your eye, avoid rubbing your eye as well.

2. Do Not Buy Maintenance Products For Showering With Eyelash Extensions

You can use the standard items while washing your face, taking off your makeup, and caring for your skin. Vegetable fats cause the glue’s structure to be compromised, which causes the eyelashes to start falling out swiftly. The same holds for tonics, lotions for removing makeup, face cleansers, and hydrating eye creams.

3. Use Little Eye Makeup

It is simple to harm the adhesive when it is wiped off. Even without mascara, extended eyelashes may add expressiveness and brightness to a look since they are already thick, long, and wonderful.

4. Make Use Of A Specific Brush For Eyelash Combing

It will assist you in keeping eyelash extensions looking lovely and elegant while successfully preventing them from sticking and breaking. After getting lash extensions wet, regular brush usage stimulates the follicles’ normal microcirculation of blood, which causes eyelashes to develop longer and quicker. 

5. Refrain From Scrubbing

When you have artificial lashes on, cleaning is considerably riskier. You cannot remove the dirt in the same manner you typically do. Instead, if getting lash extensions wet, be delicate and careful with your body.

Lash Extension Bath: Post-procedure Preventive Measures

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Artificial cilia require a support system, so you should not be getting lash extensions wet. Extension experts link the synthetic material to natural cilia using a unique adhesive. When eyelashes may fall out in front of our eyes with the best care, no one ruled out the possibility of employing a subpar glue. However, if the master is confident in the glue’s quality and numerous synthetic hairs are falling out, it is essential to consider your preventative measures:

  1. Throughout the whole wearing period, including the first few days following the treatment, the use of fatty cosmetics (creams, lotions) is forbidden. They cause eyelashes to fall out and ruin the glue;
  2. You must be careful showering with eyelash extensions and washing your hair over the first few days to prevent water on the cilia;
  3. Generally, it’s best to stop wearing makeup for a few days, except for powder and non-greasy foundation.

Bottom Line

Women place a lot of importance on looks, and because applying cosmetics takes time, many turns to procedures. Understanding how to take care of eyelashes for daily face maintenance and water holidays is essential.



What Happens If I Moisten My Eyelash Extensions During The First 24 Hours?

The adhesive is saturated with moisture if you mistakenly exposed the eyelashes to water before you intended to, and it dries out very quickly. It indicates that the attachment between the lash extension and your natural lash wasn’t created properly, which is why it fell off. 

Can You Brush Wet Eyelash Extensions?

When the eyelash extensions are wet, avoid brushing them. Water makes hair heavier. Therefore, you risk pulling lashes while combing them while wet. Never try to remove eyelash extensions or add new strands on your own since you risk damaging your natural lashes.

Do Eyelash Extensions Get Damaged By Sweat?

Mainly water, salt, and oils make up a sweat. Although sweating is healthy for the body, it will undoubtedly make them fall out if it comes into contact with your extensions during the healing process.

Do Eyelash Extensions Get Damaged With Tears?

Waterproof lash extensions exist. It is crucial to control your emotions throughout the operation since sobbing might spread the adhesive or evaporation that causes discomfort.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Take To Dry?

While applying eyelash extensions takes roughly two hours, the entire drying process might take up to 48 hours.