Published on September 24th, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

What Are Fusion Hair Extensions And What Are Their Pros And Cons

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applying fusion hair extensions

80% of women turn to hair extensions when picking a way to enhance their hair. Girls around the world resort to various hair-improving techniques in pursuing gorgeous hair. Hair extensions are the most common and efficient method for lengthening curls, which uses Italian technology.

David Gold, an English stylist and hairdresser, decided to develop his fusion hair extensions after becoming weary of hearing clients’ constant complaints that hair in resin capsules only lasts a short time. He used refractory keratin in place of the resin, and he started making hair extensions for customers. The Italian businesses were the first to process hair imported from India and other Asian countries.

Despite the current trend toward naturalness, long strands continue to be popular and only seem to be getting more. The many current extension techniques are confusing, and their myths doubt their effectiveness. I decided to investigate and learn how the procedure for hot fusion hair extensions works, who should attempt it, and whether it affects hair or not.

What Are Fusion Hair Extensions?

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The hot hair extension technique connects strands to the recipient’s hair. The master places donor hair under a strand of his hair and uses forceps to melt the keratin capsule, creating a little barrel. The forceps are heated to a temperature between 90 and 170 degrees (typically selected depending on the state of one’s hair) for fusion hair extensions. Tongs are a specialized tool required to develop hair using the burning process.

Capsular Extension Method

The method of capsular extension allows you to:

  1. have up to 90 cm in length;
  2. make hair denser to generate beautiful volume;
  3. decide if you want to grow your hair out naturally;
  4. develop hair that is a different shade, and revitalize the color;
  5. create complicated, multifaceted hairstyles that people with short hair cannot do.

With fusion hair extensions, you will have thick, long hair that is easy to manage and may be styled in various ways for up to three to four months.

All hair kinds, including the shortest, 2 cm, are ideal for capsule extensions, from the thinnest to the thickest. With the skilled work of the master and with adequate care, including wearing time before correction, capsule extensions are completely safe for your hair.

Hair removal is a step in the correction process for capsular hair extensions. The hairdresser uses special solvents and tongs to detach capsular hair extensions when you want to get rid of fusion hair extensions.

Full hair extension using capsule technology takes 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the volume. One hundred twenty-five strands are required for your hair’s typical density for a full extension with capsule extensions.

You must correct fusion hair extensions after three to four months. Each time a correction is made, the hair sheet is shrunk by 1 cm since the old keratin capsule is removed, and a new one is placed on the strand.

Fusion Hair Extensions: Pros And Cons

It should be mentioned that individuals with significantly weakened or damaged hair should not use Italian fusion hair extensions. 

The 4-month wearing period makes this technique stand out from other capsule extensions compared to those needing correcting after a month.The method demands a lot of the master’s time and effort, which has an impact on the price of the work. 
The damage to your hair is limited because the exposure temperature does not go above 170 degrees. You can’t style your hair with heated cosmetic equipment with fusion hair extensions.
Due to the capsules’ invisibility, you can secure hair even at partings. You could first feel discomfort from the capsules on your hair, but most women get used to it in a week. 
Using them is highly comfortable because keratin bindings are soft. You must be very selective because the master you choose will affect the outcome. 
Strands no longer than 70 cm are used for the process. However, the starting volume of hair multiplies several times. 
You can easily visit the sauna, swimming pool, and other locations when you have fusion hair extensions.  

Care Characteristics And Issues Of Fusion Hair Extensions

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It would help if you took special care to ensure that the hair extensions maintain their appealing appearance for an extended period. A few essential suggestions deserve special attention.

  1. You may wash your hair only when you are standing straight. Never tilt your head forward because doing so can cause synthetic curls to fall;
  2. Avoid rubbing the skin during washing to protect the capsule’s integrity of fusion hair extensions;
  3. Do not comb your hair immediately after washing it; wait until it is dry;
  4. Hold the hair with your palm while combing to prevent you from unintentionally removing any strands;
  5. You must regularly apply various masks and balms to keep your hair in good condition, but the roots so as not to soften the capsules.

Regarding potential damage to the hair, the high temperatures caused by the fusion hair extensions may hurt your curls. Building on the results creates an additional load that may result in total loss. Additionally, growing more hair can be hazardous if you already have poor, fragile hair.

How To Remove Fusion Hair Extensions?

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Since it is unlikely to remove hair extensions from the back of your head on your own, you can also remove hair extensions using the capsule method at home with the help of your friends. It is essential to follow specific procedures not advised to remove fusion hair extensions. So, how to remove:

  1. Apply fat cream capsules or sunflower oil to the base of the hair;
  2. Take a hair dryer, turn it on to its maximum setting, and dry your hair where the capsule attachment points are;
  3. Use a hair straightener to heat the capsules is another option.

Now, you know what fusion hair extensions are. It’s fully up to you to do or not to do hair extensions. I hope my blog post helped you!


How Long Do Fusion Extensions Last?

Fusion hair extensions, in our experience, should last up to three months, largely dependent on how much hair you have to start with. If bonded hair extensions are worn for more than three months, it may cause unnecessary harm to your natural hair and make it harder to keep them hidden and look seamless.

In What Ways Are Fusion Hair Extensions Damaging?

Again, fusion extensions should never harm your hair if done correctly, but it’s still a good idea to be familiar enough with your hair to pick the best choice for you. For instance, a fusion procedure might not be the best choice if your hair has already been harmed by heat or some products.

Can I Put Extensions In My Hair And Wear It Up?

Exercise, wearing your hair up or down, and most other activities you would typically perform won’t harm the hair extensions. When used appropriately, you can also style weft, tape, and micro bead hair extensions into a ponytail without applying the wings.

Can You Leave Hair Extensions Overnight?

It is safe to sleep with hair extensions, and you shouldn’t have too many concerns. Look for tangles or knots at the hair’s roots. Assessing your hair extension bonds should be done daily, using tapes, wefts, pre-bonds, or another type of extension.

What Are Fusion Hair Extensions?

One of the most well-liked and versatile ways to transform your hairdo is with fusion hair extensions. The hairdresser uses a unique tool called an extension connector iron to attach strands to your natural hair using keratin bonds in the hot fusion bonded hair extension process.