Published on July 10th, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

How To Get Rid Of Static Hair After Straightening?

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My hair has been electrified: what should I do? Many people have asked me this question. We all notice, especially in winter, that hair tends to become electrified. This is a very unpleasant phenomenon, both psychologically and aesthetically. This article is your advisor and guidance and will help you to get rid of static hair after straightening.

First, to deal with this phenomenon, you must know its cause. Lack of vitamins, dry air, cold wind, rain, snow, and wearing hats make our hair weak, dry, and brittle. In addition, hair under a hat or scarf rubs against each other, generating static electricity. And if you have curly hair, you probably know you cannot avoid static hair after straightening.

How To Prevent Static Hair

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Static hair is often after straightening

Overdried hair will become static more often, possibly due to improper care or static hair after straightening. As we know, hair has scales. When they fit tightly – much less static is formed. Accordingly, unhealthy and split hair will be electrified more. The fight against this problem should begin with proper hair care.

Hair Care That Prevents Hair From Electrifying

The main reason for static hair after straightening is dryness. People with dry hair types should use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. In addition, once a week, you need to apply a hair mask. You can use either a ready-made mask or a homemade one.

The most reliable home masks are egg yolk, kefir, and avocado masks. It is necessary to take the pulp of half an avocado, a glass of kefir, and egg yolk, apply the mixture to the hair, wrap it with cling film for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

Using Hair Dryers And Straighteners If The Hair Is Magnetized

A solid thermal effect does not positively impact the hair’s structure, which leads to its brittleness and dryness after straightening hair. If you use a regular hair dryer, keep it at least 20 centimeters away and control the exposure temperature.

However, the best option can be using hair dryers and other styling devices with ionization technology to avoid the problem of negatively charged ions magnetizing the hair. Ionization not only improves the overall appearance of the hair and gives it extra shine but also helps close the hair scales, which helps avoid damage to the hair structure. As a result, the hair remains healthy and strong and does not become electrified.

The Choice Of Comb Is Also Important

The plastic comb is the number one culprit that electrifies your hair before you leave the house. When combing, the plastic comb receives a negative charge, and the hair gets a positive charge. Best suited is a wooden comb made of birch. An ebonite comb is the best option for static hair after keratin treatment. It can easily cope with the electrification of hair. It is better to let go of plastic combs forever. This is the first source of electrification of your hair.

Caring Starts In Summer

To avoid the problem of hair magnetization in winter, you need to follow the right static hair after keratin treatment in the summer. A large amount of sunlight, rays of different spectra, high temperatures, and often sea water – contribute to the deterioration of the quality of the hair, which will manifest itself in excessive electrification in winter. Therefore, take care of your hair in the summer and ensure that they have time to recover by the winter.

What To Do With Already Electrified Hair

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Use quick response methods to fix the electrified hair

The most unpleasant thing happens when we enter the room and remove our hats. For such situations, “quick response” methods will help fix the problem situationally and not ruin your appearance due to static hair after straightening.

  1. The most famous and straightforward remedy to prevent electrified hair is anti-static. If not, you can spray the comb with hairspray and comb it;
  2. If you have a beer or mineral water on hand, they are your assistants in the fight against naughty hair. Spray your hair with these liquids – and the problem is solved;
  3. To tame stubborn hair, a face or hand cream is suitable. You need to take a little cream, spread it on your hands, and smoothen your hair. There should not be too much cream. Otherwise, the hair will become greasy;
  4. Use lavender or rose essential oils. To do this, dissolve a few drops in a spray bottle with water and spray your hair.

The problem of static hair after straightening is probably not the most pleasant, annoying, and relevant in winter. To avoid embarrassing situations and look great, you need to follow the basic rules of hair care and have a quick remedy for the problem at hand.


Why Does My Hair Become Electrified After Blow-Drying?

There are several reasons why the hair is static: it is the porous structure of the hair, damage from dyeing, curling, and frequent use of a hair dryer and styler. Dry and split ends are electrified on their own – and drying them with a hair dryer exacerbates the problem.

Why Does Hair Get Electrified When Brushing?

Hair is often electrified because you use the wrong comb. The condition of the curls will depend on what material she has. Combs with soft wooden teeth work best.

How To Make Your Own Anti-static Solution?

For cooking, in 1 cup of cool water, add a quarter cup of 9% vinegar, two teaspoons of olive oil, and 2-3 drops of any essential oil. Pour the product into a spray bottle and rinse any surface with it.