Published on July 11th, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

Too Much Protein In Hair: Causes, Effects, And How To Fix It?

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The most prevalent cause for feasible protein overload in the hair is too frequent use of care cosmetics with this component. This may not be too obvious, but it is often true.

Frequent use damages the hair, making it broken and prone to falling.

To remedy the situation, you can use variants such as clarifier cleansing, cutting off the ends of the hair, using a moisturizer, using essential oils, and taking a break from hair styling.

Today, the topic of oversaturation of hair with this component is becoming more popular due to improper hair care and the abuse of cleansers. However, this is not as useful as it might seem.

Not everyone knows that the frequent use of such things can only lead to horrendous-looking hair, and a person may also have an increased sensitivity to this component. Therefore, you should also not use care cosmetics with it too often.

Let’s take a closer look at the symptoms of this trouble and what to do if you have faced it.

What Causes Protein Buildup In Hair?

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Let’s talk a little about why you could face this trouble. If you overuse care cosmetics that contain this component and don’t make them wet, you can receive awful hair.

If you have ruined your hair with frequent styling or coloring, you may decide that care cosmetics with this component will help restore your hair. But this is a gross mistake.

Many professional care cosmetics also contain this component in their composition and can relieve your hair for a while, but their frequent use will lead to accumulating this component and hair deterioration. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your repair care cosmetics like this one, just use them in moderation. Each tool has its remedy with specific instructions, and it is worth doing everything according to it.

Also, if you continue the therapy with this component, you will get too much of it in your hair, and, as a result, you will be dissatisfied with the horrible looking of them. Insufficient hair hydration while you use it, can also be the root of this trouble.

What Are The Effects Of Protein Overload?

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In this block, we will discuss the signs you have similar trouble with. You can see this trouble if you examine the condition of your hair. Let us consider in more detail what consequences may occur due to over-proteinized hair:

Reason 1: Hair Becomes Brittle And Dry

Try to break your hair, and if you manage to do it without difficulty, then there is too much of this component in your hair.

Reason 2: Feeling Stiff Hair

Examine your hair. Perhaps they seem tough enough. If this is the case, try using conditioner and oils to remedy the situation.

Reason 3: Your Hair Texture Has Changed

The third sign is a change in the texture of the hair. If you notice this in yourself, this is an occasion to think about how to reconsider the approach to caring for your hair.

Reason 4: Your Hair Is No Longer Shiny

Experts say that healthy hair always shines. But for this, they need moisture. Accordingly, with an excess of protein, they can become dull.

Reason 5: You Are Losing More Hair Than Usual

There is no scientific research that could confirm the veracity of this fact. However, experts say that hair loss trouble may also connect with protein overload in your hair.

Thus, we examined the possible signs of this trouble. If you have found any of the listed items in yourself, you should start correcting the situation. We will tell you how to do this correctly in the next block of our article.

What To Do If Your Hair Has Too Much Protein?

What To Do If Your Hair Has Too Much Protein 1024x512 - Too Much Protein In Hair: Causes, Effects, And How To Fix It?

Now it is worth starting to consider methods for solving this problem. If you have ruined your hair, do not panic, everything can be fixed.

Step 1: Cleanse Hair From Clarifier

First, you should soak your hair in warm water to remove any impurities. Next, you’ll need to apply a clarifying shampoo to break down proteins. Try to find a mild shampoo designed for your hair type.

Step 2: Cut Off The Ends Of The Hair

If you find it challenging to care for your hair, it has become heavy and looks disgusting; split ends may be the trouble. Also, protein can accumulate at the ends of the hair, which can cause disgusting conditions.

Step 3: Use A Moisturizer

If you have oversaturated your hair with protein products, you need to moisturize them. To do this, use masks and hair oils that should cope with this trouble. However, avoid coconut oil; it can only hurt you.

Step 4: Use An Essential Oil

Try cleansing your hair using several drops of essential oils. It will also be an excellent way to restore them.

Step 5: Take A Break From Hair Styling

Give your hair a rest from any styling products. This will help them rest and recover. It may seem that this will not significantly affect the hair, but after a while, you will notice how much you were mistaken. Just try to do what I have advised you.

If you have too much of this component in your hair, don’t use deep conditioners or a hair mask. These products will not help you cope with this situation. But on the contrary, they might even exacerbate and damage it.

We’ve covered a range of tips that you can use to help save your hair. I am sure that following these rules will help you get rid of your trouble in a short time.

How To Prevent Hair Overload With Protein?

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In order not to get several consequences from oversaturating the hair with this component, you need to avoid the gross mistakes I will tell you about initially. I have also prepared a list of tips for you, following which you will prevent this situation from appearing.

Way 1: Read The Instructions On The Packaging Of Hair Care Products Attentively

Before using any product, you must carefully read the instructions for it and follow each of its points each time you apply the product

Way 2: Don’t Use Many Protein Products At The Same Time

Experts say that you do not need to grab onto several funds simultaneously. Stop your choice of one and use only it for a while. After that, take a closer look at your hair and analyze the situation

Way 3: Wash Your Hair Properly

As for washing your hair, on average, experts advise doing this several times a week. To do this, use a hair cleansing shampoo that matches your hair type. Do not wash your hair if it is not already dirty. This can damage your hair

Way 4: Visit Your Stylist

Visit your stylist from time to time to ask for advice on the current condition of your hair.

Listen to my advice, and your hair will be safe.

How To Increase Hair Moisture?

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I have already told you that moisturizing your hair is exactly what you need to deal with your trouble. Now I will explain this point to you in a little more detail. To make your hair moister and thus achieve a positive effect in the treatment of your hair, follow these points:

  1. Try to use care cosmetics with deep cleanings, such as a conditioner, and then wrap your hair with a towel. This will help the conditioner to penetrate better and affect your hair;
  2. Do a hair mask each week. When you do the masks, use natural oil or serum for this. It may help protect the hair cuticles and prevent dehydration of the hair;
  3. Apply a hair mask at night and wrap a plastic bag over your head. This method will keep your hair moist.

In the article, we examined everything related to care cosmetics with this component and the consequences of their abuse. Follow our recommendations, visit your stylist on time, and seek advice from a trichologist if you’re worried about your hair.


Does Too Much Protein Cause Hair Loss?

Too much protein in your hair can make it brittle and dull and change its shape and texture. Also, protein buildup can weigh hair down, causing it to fall or break when styled.

How Long Does It Take To Restore Hair After A Protein Preload?

It can take four to six weeks for your hair to recover from a protein overload. The speed of hair restoration will depend on the right product, careful hair care, and general physical health.

How Can I Check If My Hair Is Protein Sensitive?

To test how sensitive your hair is to protein-based products, stop using any products that contain protein for about 3-4 months. After that, check your hair. If it is dry and brittle, you increase protein sensitivity.

Can I Use Coconut Oil For Protein-overloaded Hair?

Experts say that coconut oil only aggravates the protein glut of the hair. You can only exacerbate your appearance if you already have brittle, damaged hair. It is better to pay attention to nourishing oils like argan or marula oil.