Published on September 22nd, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

What Does Argan Oil Do For Hair? Argan Oil Hair Treatment

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Dry and brittle hair always looks unhealthy and can turn people off. On the contrary, beautiful, bright, fresh, and lively hair will make the girls around you envy your hair, and they will ask you how you achieved such an effect. The possible answer is that you are using argan oil hair treatment.

Shampooing your hair is not enough to keep your hair healthy. To do this, you need to take care of the health of the scalp and hair, periodically apply masks to them, and moisturize and wash them properly. In addition, the health of your hair will depend on your general condition. Your hair may be healthy, but you, for example, can get nervous, and your hair will start to fall out.

The article will be devoted to argan oil for hair treatment. We will discuss how to use this oil correctly, what products can be made from it, and what benefits it brings. I will also give you some practical hair care tips. Stay with us and get valuable knowledge.

What Is Argan Oil?

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Argan oil is an organic product extracted from the Argania Spinosa tree, which is native to Morocco. Moroccans have used Argan oil to protect their hair and skin from harsh desert conditions for centuries.

Argan oil contains nutrients like vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants. These nutrients are essential for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Argan oil is useful for the treatment of: 

  • Wrinkles;
  • Fine lines;
  • Age spots.

It can also help to protect your skin from damage caused by UV rays and other environmental factors. In addition, argan oil can help to reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin. 

So how do you use argan oil? You can apply it directly to your skin or add a few drops to your moisturizer or foundation. You can also use it as a hair mask or add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner. If you’re looking for a natural way to improve the health of your skin or hair, argan oil is worth trying!

As you can see, argan oil is packed with nutrients essential for keeping your skin and hair healthy. If you’re looking for a natural way to improve the appearance of your skin or hair, give argan oil a try! You won’t be disappointed!

What Are The Benefits Of Argan Oil For Hair

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In recent years, argan oil has gained popularity as a natural hair and skin care product. Here are three ways that argan oil can help improve the health of your hair and scalp:

1. Argan Oil Is Extremely Moisturizing

Argan oil is very light and easily absorbed by the hair and scalp. It helps seal moisture and prevents the hair from becoming dry and brittle. In addition, argan oil contains high levels of vitamin E, essential for healthy hair growth.

2. Argan Oil Can Help To Control Dandruff

Dandruff is caused by various factors, including dryness, fungal infections, or contact dermatitis. It can help to treat dandruff by keeping the scalp hydrated and free from infection.

3. Argan Oil Can Help To Reduce Frizz

Curly hair is caused by a lack of moisture in the hair shaft. When the hair shaft absorbs moisture from the air, it expands and becomes frizzy. Argan oil helps to keep the hair shafts hydrated and prevents them from absorbing too much moisture from the air, which reduces frizziness.

4. Argan Oil Has A Calming Effect

Among the other benefits of argan oil for hair, it is believed to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal effects, which can also help soothe a sensitive or itchy scalp. However, if you have scalp conditions, it is still best to consult a dermatologist and ask if you can use argan oil.

5. Argan Oil Restores Hair After Dye

If you color your hair often, you have to face the problem of dry and faded hair after dyeing. So, argan oil helps to restore the effect of bright and vibrant hair after several uses.

6. Argan Oil Protects Hair From High Temperatures

Argan oil becomes an excellent tool for protecting and restoring hair after blow-drying or walking under the scorching sun. It also helps prevent hair damage from high temperatures. To do this, just apply an oil mask, do styling and go for a walk.

7. Argan Oil Prevents Hair Loss

Unfortunately, to date, there is no evidence that argan oil can help in the case of hair loss. However, it shows argan’s oil effectiveness in combating problems, specifically preventing hair loss. So, due to vitamin E, the oil helps to saturate the hair and improve its growth.

As you can see, argan oil can do much good for your scalp and hair. However, always remember about allergies and risks. Make sure you are not allergic before using the oil.

How To Use Argan Oil For Hair

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Argan oil can be used in many different ways. So, let’s look at the most popular and simple ways that you can use them at home:

1. Argan Oil Hair Mask

For the mask, you need:

  1. Rub 8-10 drops of oil into the hair and head;
  2. Massage your head and hair for 10 minutes, starting from the roots and ending with the tips of the hair;
  3. Then wrap your hair in a towel and leave it like this overnight;
  4. In the morning, wash your hair and do regular styling.

This mask is excellent to pair with coconut oil or can be used alone.

2. Argan Oil Shampoo

The shampoo is another way to use argan oil for hair. If you don’t want to buy argan shampoo, you can always make it at home. Thus, you’ll be sure you have only natural and healthy components. To do this:

  1. Apply your shampoo to your hands;
  2. Add some argan oil there;
  3. Apply shampoo to your hair and wash it as usual;
  4. Repeat this procedure for two or three days.

3. Argan Oil Conditioner

You can use an argan oil conditioner as an alternative to a regular hair conditioner. This product will help reduce hair breakage during combing. For this:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo;
  2. Dry your hair with a towel, but not completely. It is enough to bring to the point where water does not drip from the hair;
  3. Rub a few drops of oil in your hands and apply to your hair;
  4. Dry your hair and repeat the procedure two or three times a week.

4. Argan Oil Hair Styler

You can also use argan oil to style your hair. It will help get rid of fluffiness and bring the hair in order. For this:

  1. Apply one to two drops of argan oil to the palm of your hand and rub;
  2. Put oil lightly on dry hair. Massaging and rubbing the oil is prohibited.

Should I Apply Argan Oil To Dry Or Wet Hair?

It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you apply argan oil to. It works great on both dry and wet hair. However, there is a slight difference in how it works. With dry hair, the oil will work like a shine that will beautify your hair. Hair will absorb the oil when wet and work as a leave-in conditioner.

How Often Do You Need To Apply Argan Oil On Hair?

For keeping the scalp and hair healthy, argan oil should be used twice a week. However, always change the dosage depending on the behavior of the hair. If you have oilier hair, you may want to use less oil as your hair is already saturated. However, if your hair is drier, it may be a good idea to increase the oil’s dosage or frequency of application slightly.

Also, remember that argan oil can leave marks on your bed, so it’s best to wash your hair at the end of the day, so you don’t stain your bed.

Bottom Line

As you can see, argan oil is a versatile product for your head and hair. It can bring both beneficial effects and harm your health if overused or allergic. In addition, many valuable products can be made from argan oil for your hair and make it more saturated. Unfortunately, there is no exact data on the effective help of argan oil for hair growth. And all you need is a bit of personal time and imagination.

Why Argan Oil So Expensive


What Does Argan Oil Do For Hair?

Argan oil can help to stimulate hair growth, protect against damage and split ends, and add shine and softness to hair. It is also effective in treating scalp conditions such as dandruff and psoriasis.

Where Can I Get Argan Oil?

Argan oil is available from health food stores and online retailers. It is usually sold in small bottles or jars and can be expensive. However, a little goes a long way, so it is worth the investment.

How Much Does Argan Oil Cost?

Argan oil can cost anywhere from $15 to $50, depending on the size and quality of the product.

Is Argan Oil Mandatory For My Hair?

Your hair may become dry, brittle, and damaged over time without the regular use of argan oil. A natural conditioner such as argan oil is important to keep your hair healthy and strong.