Published on January 23rd, 2023

Last updated on August 30th, 2023

How To Tie Your T-Shirt In A Knot: Comprehensive Guide

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woman in t-shirt with a knot

Although it’s no longer summer outside, we can’t ignore such a trend as the knotted T-shirt. You can wear a thin top under it or show off your strong abs in a knot front shirt on your bare body. The latter option will look spectacular at a party, fitness training, or dance classes. We all know for sure that fashion is cyclical. It always repeats what was created earlier, but each time the trend acquires exciting details, it plays with new colors and other, more modern elements. In 2023, slowly but surely, the fashion laws of the 2000s are coming into force. But the trends of the 90s are still at the peak of popularity. Especially fashionable T-shirts with knots. They look spectacular, stylish, and eye-catching. Let us tell you how to transform an ordinary T-shirt beautifully. Read our article below to find out the ways to tie a shirt beautifully in a knot.

What Are The Ways To Tie A Shirt?

Tying a knot is relevant to almost any closet item. For this, you can use:

  • Shirts;
  • Blouses;
  • T-shirts;
  • Cardigans;
  • Even dresses. 

You need to follow the combination of the trend with the image as a whole. Otherwise, you may get a losing variant.

The main thing is the correct use of such an innovation. It’s good for all kinds of t-shirts. Because the minimally exposed belly gives a girl a hot look. You can transform your look by ways to tie a shirt:

  • At the waist;
  • On the back;
  • Above the waist;
  • At the side;
  • Below the knee if it’s a dress.

A distinctive feature is the addition of volume, emphasizing the lines. In addition, the practical folds create a “highlight” of the image. This innovation takes no more than five minutes. But it adds originality to the simplest bow.

However, it is important to understand that you need to choose the right option for tying your shirt. For the most part, it depends on your type of body shape or face. For example, with an “inverted triangle,” it is not recommended to tie the t-shirt knot under the chest. You can do it on the side, at the bottom of it. Read more about each of these styling ways to tie a shirt below.

How To Knot A Tied Shirt At The Bottom Cut Line?

2 How to knot a tied shirt at the bottom cut line  min 150x150 - How To Tie Your T-Shirt In A Knot: Comprehensive Guide

It is the most common type. It is suitable for any type of body. How to tie a T-shirt beautifully:

  • Spread out the fabric and pull it slightly tight;
  • Gather one side in your hand;
  • Pull it through the loop formed.

Another variant involves grabbing the fabric in two hands. There is an option to tie an ordinary knot. It is necessary to gather the cloth from both sides in both hands. This idea is relevant in the summer season. You can apply it not only on T-shirts but also on shirts of different lengths. This variation looks stylish and original. The advantage of a simple knot is that you can show your belly. But the image does not become too vulgar. Visually you will be able to remove large sides. Therefore, a simple T-shirt knot, larger in size, will helphide some flaws.

We recommend not making the ties too tight. After all, it will be challenging to move and uncomfortable to sit. Also, do not take clothes with tightness.

How To Do A Knot Front Shirt?

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You make the knot above the waist in a similar way. But the peculiarity is that large lengths of fabric are taken. The method allows you to emphasize the waistline, but it does not hide the sides. Such an outfit is appropriate not in the city but on the beach or in nature.

The main feature of the process is accuracy. Otherwise, it will create the opinion that in front of us is a sloppy teenage girl. Such a variant is often relevant with jeans with a high waist. Also, remember to add bright lip makeup and stunning nails.

How To Tie A T-shirt Knot From The Side?

4 How to tie a T shirt knot from the side  min 150x150 - How To Tie Your T-Shirt In A Knot: Comprehensive Guide

This option is most suitable for elongated cloth. The volume of the waist and hips will decrease visually. You may reach it by correcting the T-shirt. You will have an elegant silhouette if you wear tight leggings or skinny jeans. And slender legs will look gorgeous. Read one of the best ways to tie a shirt  on the side:

  • Take the fabric on both sides by the edges;
  • Throw one side over the other;
  • Tie a loop.

Determine the position of the knot according to your own curves. You can close the knot with an overhanging canvas fabric if the t-shirt is large enough. It contributes to the formation of a diagonal lower part of the shirt, visually hiding the real volume of the hips. It is good for those girls who do not have lush shapes in this area.

How To Make A T-shirt Knot At The Waist?

5 How to make a T shirt knot at the waist  min 150x150 - How To Tie Your T-Shirt In A Knot: Comprehensive Guide

The knot on the belly is quite popular among young fashion lovers. It allows you to reveal a woman’s belly button without exposing unnecessary body parts. At the same time, this variant looks beautiful and gives sexuality. You won’t have a problem with such a knot in the front of your shirt:

  • Tighten the fabric on the T-shirt to the height you want it to end up;
  • Pull it forward and close your fist near your belly. In this way, the fabric will be taught at the waist and back, and its free end will stick out of the fist;
  • Continuing to hold it against your belly, make a loop out of it with your other hand and put the tip through it;
  • With one hand, pull it away from you, with the other, tighten the knot toward you.

How To Tie A Shirt In The Back?

6 How to tie a shirt in the back  min 150x150 - How To Tie Your T-Shirt In A Knot: Comprehensive Guide

You can make a single ponytail knot on your own. It will take a little more time and skill. But the sequence of actions does not differ from tying in the front. The only thing is that you need to pull the fabric taut as much as possible. So as not to let the “tail” out of your hand. But as a result, you will have an image with an accentuated waist.

If you want to make a knot with two “tails,” you’ll need help from outside. Or you can take off your shirt and tie approximately, but then it will be difficult to calculate the fabric’s height and degree of tension.

How Do You Knot A Tied Shirt On Your Stomach?

7 How do you knot a tied shirt on your stomach  min 150x150 - How To Tie Your T-Shirt In A Knot: Comprehensive Guide

Knots with two “tails” sticking out of them look cute and original. They are not more difficult to make than the version with one. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Tighten the fabric on the T-shirt to the height that it should end up;
  • Pull it in two directions and pinch it against your belly with both hands;
  • Place the “tails” crosswise to each other, bend the end of one under the other and pull;
  • If the material holds well, you can leave it that way. If not, repeat the previous point.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about tying knots on a T-shirt. And now you know the best ways to tie a shirt. The knots look optimal on a monochrome product and a colored one, with fun prints and hand embroidery. Read more interesting articles about styling clothes in our blog. 


What Kind Of T-shirt Can I Use To Tie A Knot?

Creating a unique image is possible only if the clothes are a little larger than the shape of their owner. And you can use a model that is already a bit stretched and taken an unsightly look.

How To Tie Up A Long Shirt?

Tie a knot from a long t-shirt below the knee. In the process of tying requires special care. Straightening all the folds and the bottom of the product to cover under the knot is desirable.

How To Combine A T-shirt Tied In A Knot?

This T-shirt is excellent with flared jeans from hip or high-waisted denim shorts. A wide-brimmed hat would work as an accessory. Skirts will look great, especially the maxi length. The main thing is to avoid things with a little waist.

How To Unusually Tie A T-shirt In A Knot?

In the trends, an interesting option of tying the T-shirt – on the head. The headbands are made of t-shirts made of flying materials. They replace store accessories, which are sometimes sold at a high price. Tying a T-shirt on the head is quite simple: straighten it, curl it into a bundle and fasten it with a regular knot at the back of the head or above the forehead.