Published on January 4th, 2023

Last updated on January 24th, 2023

Essential Tips On How To Use Moisturizer For Face

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It’s hard to imagine a modern girl without the least set of facial skin care products. Day cream, night cream, serum – the true beautyholics can’t do without these products. You can use the cream to preserve youthfulness and moisturize your face. It is also good for saturating the skin with beneficial substances. 

There are various products on sale, so you can always find the right cosmetics. But this is a minor point. The main thing is that women need to learn how to apply facial creams properly and comply with the requirements. It could bring better results if they perform the usual procedure considering some nuances.  

But how to properly distribute the cream on the face? Is it possible to apply one cream over the other, and when to apply moisturizer? Are you sure you’re doing it right? Let’s find out right now. To remedy this situation, we have prepared some helpful tips.

How To Use Moisturizer For The Face? 

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To prolong youthfulness, you should give yourself a few minutes daily. It will be much easier if this rule becomes a habit. You need to adhere to three basic principles of using moisturizers for the face: 

  1. Cleansing the skin from cosmetic products;
  2. Toning;
  3. Moisturizing.

It is not recommended to use moisturizing cream when you are young. Until the age of 25, the epidermis has high regenerative properties. Thus, you should clean and tone the skin. If you do not adhere to this principle, the intensity of the body’s natural processes is lower. A lot of girls don’t understand the importance of moisturizing faces.

How to use a moisturizer on the face? We can give a detailed answer in the form of step-by-step instructions. So, you carry out the procedure by the following points:

  • In the first step, you have to perform a makeup removal. After that, you need to use foam, tonic, and serum;
  • When you have used all the above products, it is possible to proceed to the next stage. By this, we mean the application of the cream on the face;
  • You take the substance from the jar with a special spatula. Or you can squeeze it from a tube. Also in great demand is the cream in a bottle with a dispenser. Women like this practical solution;
  • Then you should distribute the cream on the face. You can massage the skin with light movements. Take care not to pull on the skin. After this, your face will be smooth. It is оne of the benefits of moisturizing your face. Do not apply the day cream in the area near the eyes. You have to use a special product for this purpose;
  • When the application of cream to the face is complete, you should take care of the neck. The décolletage zone also needs regular care: 

            – moisturizing;

            – light massage;

            – saturation of the skin with valuable substances.

  • In the final step, look in the mirror and examine your face. You should remove any cream on the skin with a cotton pad or soft cloth. You will see all effects of moisturizer on the face.

Top 5 Mistakes While Using Moisturization Of Facial Skin

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Statistics show that a third of women do not know how and when to apply moisturizer properly. They make many mistakes, among which we can highlight five main misconceptions:

  1. Using products without separating by the time of day. We can classify creams into day creams and night creams. They differ in composition, properties, and effectiveness. Day cream protects from destructive external factors. Night cream smoothes wrinkles and improves skin elasticity
  2. Using a product that does not match your skin type. It is, therefore, necessary to choose the best cosmetic product first and then wait for the results. For example, a cream for oily skin regulates the sebum, cleanses pores, and reduces inflammation. It is essential for the use of moisturizer cream for the face.
  3. Using an ordinary cream to care for the skin around the eyes. For such a procedure, you need a product that eliminates puffiness and provides maximum hydration. Apply creams around the eyes according to the rules. After that, you need to do gentle grooming.
  4. Using an expiry product. Sometimes we do not want to throw away an expensive product. Such an economy does not lead to good things. Using a bad cream causes irritation and other unpleasant situations.
  5. Applying cream to the face with makeup is a gross mistake. We recommend avoiding it. For the product to have the desired effect, you should first cleanse your skin and use a toner or serum. Only after that can you use moisturization for the skin. Following such a scheme provides a high effect:
  • Smoothing wrinkles;
  • Moisturizing;
  • Eliminating age spots.

How To Apply Eye Cream To Get Maximum Moisturization Of Your Skin?

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There are subtleties on how to apply eye cream:

  1. First, clean the skin of the makeup. 
  2. Then apply the cream to your eyelids and distribute it over your skin. For the best effect, do a few eighths around the eyes. 
  3. After that, massage the outer corners of your eyes a little bit. As you can see, there is nothing complicated.

You should not treat the eye area with any ordinary moisturizer. You will need a product specifically formulated for that purpose. There are many benefits to moisturizing your eyes and face  It can smooth out fine lines, moisturize your skin, and remove dark circles.

To ensure you do everything correctly, we will tell you a little more about how and when to apply moisturizer to the eyelids:

  • In the evening, you perform the procedure one hour before you go to bed. It is enough time for the skin to absorb the substance and benefit;
  • In the morning, the procedure is performed ten minutes before applying makeup;
  • Before applying eye cream, find a chart on the internet and review it;
  • You should not use too much cream. If you ignore such a rule, you won’t see the effects of moisturizer on the face;
  • You should apply the cream without rubbing or stretching the skin. In addition, it is possible to perform an acupressure massage around the eyes. It refers to the impact on the active points, which prolongs youthfulness;
  • Use quality products – it is the key to high efficiency and safety for your health.

Now you know all about how to use eye cream. We want to emphasize that the key to success is regularity. Eye care should be integral to your life, so you don’t have to think about getting old for a long time. You have to appreciate the importance of moisturizing your face and eye zone. You’ll see results soon enough if you regularly use a good eye cream. You’ll lose the signs of face fatigue and wrinkles.

Final Thoughts

In this article, you have learned a lot of valuable information about how to use moisturizer. We recommend listening to our advice and using quality products. If you follow all the rules, you can enjoy the youthfulness and radiance of your skin for years to come.


Can I Use Body Cream On My Face?

It is undesirable, but if there is no other option, it is possible to ignore the rules and use the product, not for its intended purpose in isolated cases. You should remember that the skin around the eyes is susceptible. Therefore, you should never apply body cream to the area around the eyes.

What Are Moisturizers For The Face?

All moisturizing treatments can be divided into the following types: creams and serums, masks, sprays, and injections. The most affordable and common ways to moisturize are creams and serums.

How Much Cream Should I Apply For Skin Moisturization?

It is believed that 1-2 drops for the face are enough, but here you need to consider the sensations. If the first layer of cream is instantly absorbed, it makes sense to apply another one. However, even dry skin can get shiny if you apply too much, so it’s important not to overdo it.

When To Apply Moisturizer To The Face?

Apply the cream twice daily: in the morning and evening. You should do it at least 15 minutes before makeup in the morning. Otherwise, the cream will not have time to absorb well. In the evening, put the cream around 21-22 to provide the skin with the necessary nutrients before it enters into an active recovery phase by 23 o’clock.