Published on November 10th, 2022

Last updated on January 24th, 2023

What Do Face Toners Do? Toner For Face: Benefits

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A skincare item called a face toner hydrates and revitalizes the skin. After cleansing and before moisturizing, it is applied. Toners often don’t have alcohol and have antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that make the skin look better. But many people consider face toner an unnecessary tool in their skincare routine. Do you use toner on your face in your skincare routine? Let’s discuss what the toners do to your face, how to choose them, what ingredients to look for, and how to use them properly.

What Is A Face Tonic?

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Everyone knows that a face tonic is a transparent or translucent liquid in which active ingredients are dissolved to moisturize, refresh and cleanse the skin. Sometimes the solution has a color that indicates the purpose of the facial tonic:

Tonic is an intermediate step between cleansing and care that may also contain active cleansing ingredients. It completes the cleansing stage after the cleansing milk or cleansing gel.

What Do Face Toners Actually Do?

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As you know, there are three main stages in skin care: 

  1. cleansing;
  2. toning;
  3. moisturizing.

But according to the admissions of beauty users, the second stage is often neglected (laziness, lack of time, lack of awareness), considering toner optional means. And they are sorely mistaken. The fact is that face toner use performs several essential functions at once:

1. Completes The Skin Cleansing Process

Even if you have carefully removed your makeup with milk or micellar water and then washed your face with foam, you will likely find traces of impurities on a cotton pad soaked in toner. It means that using a toner on the face completes the cleansing process after the demakeup and washing phases.

2. Restores The pH Balance

The skin has a slightly acidic pH, which is optimal for the growth of beneficial bacteria and prevents the development of pathogenic microflora. But under the influence of various factors, this balance is disturbed. Face tonic with a pH similar to the skin will help quickly restore its acid-alkaline balance.

3. Prepares The skin For The Application Of The Serum And Cream

The toner for face benefit is a kind of conductor, which allows the active ingredients in the serum and cream to act more effectively on the skin.

4. It Refreshes The Skin

Dull complexion, lack of blush, dry skin, even enlarged pores, and inflammation are all problems that toner will minimize, if not solve globally. 

The toning is included in the daily skincare ritual for a reason. To see if the toner is necessary, experiment: use it for at least two weeks, and at the end of them, you will notice that the skin is fresher and clearer, and the complexion is even.

How To Choose An Effective Face Tonic?

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Facial toner, as well as care, must be chosen with two main factors in mind:

1. Skin Type

Toner prepares your skin for subsequent care, the quality of this preparation depends on how effective your day or night cream will be. It should be guided in the first place, as in the choice of day cream. 

2. Weather And Seasons

The skin may behave differently depending on the environmental circumstances. As a result, the toner for face benefits should be tailored to external and internal environments. Listen to your skin: it may benefit from a cooling tonic in hot weather and a moisturizing or soothing tonic in cold weather.

How to Use Facial Toner Correctly

It is advisable to use toner on the face twice daily, after cleansing and before applying serum and cream. When applying, you need to avoid the area around the eyes unless the package insert states that the product is approved for use in this area. 

There are at least two ways to apply the toner, and choosing the right one depends on personal preference.

1. Cotton Pad

It is the most common method suitable for owners of any skin. Put a few drops on the disc and wipe the skin from the center of the face to the periphery.

Do not forget that you need to move the neck and décolleté area as the cotton pads upward toward the chin.

2. Cloth Napkin

Face toner use with a cloth napkin will be optimal for sensitive skin. Soak a cloth napkin (you can use 2-3 layers of folded chemist’s gauze) in tonic and place it on your face like a mask. Lightly press with your hands, and leave for a few seconds. Such toning masks are top-rated in Asia.

Composition Of Facial Tonics

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Another benefit of face toner is that the composition varies depending on the purpose and tasks to be solved. Below are the main components that are most often found in formulas.

  • Aloe. Aloe juice and extract are almost universal: they soothe, soften, moisturize and regenerate the skin;
  • Hyaluronic acid. A powerful moisturizing ingredient that prevents the evaporation of moisture and smoothes the skin;
  • Glycerin. The most widely used moisturizing ingredient. Glycerin promotes moisture penetration into deep layers of the skin and helps to retain it;
  • Glycolic acid. Cleanses, exfoliates, softens, and brightens the skin and helps reduce the depth of wrinkles;
  • Thermal water. Water from thermal springs is a treasure trove of minerals and microelements beneficial for the skin.

Bottom Line

So, I hope you’ll face toners include into your regular skincare routine as it has much do to with our face skin health. It is a must-have product that will keep your skin looking healthy, fresh, and beautiful. After cleansing, use a face toner before applying serum and cream. Remember to choose a face toner based on your skin type!


What Is A Facial Toner?

Facial toner is a product you use after cleansing your face and applying serum and cream.

What Do Face Toners Do?

Toners help to remove any remaining dirt, makeup, or impurities from your skin and pores. They also help to restore the skin’s pH balance and prep the skin for better absorption of subsequent skincare products.

How To Use Face Toner?

Apply facial toner to a cotton pad or cloth napkin and wipe your face with it, avoiding the area around the eyes. You can use face toner twice daily after cleansing.

Can Anyone Use A Facial Tonic?

Face toners are suitable for all skin types. However, choosing a face toner that is appropriate for your skin type is essential. For example, if you have dry or sensitive skin, look for a face toner that is hydrating or soothing.