Published on November 30th, 2022

Last updated on January 24th, 2023

Facial Waxes Guide: How To Wax Facial Hair?

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waxing facial hair

Indeed, you have heard about such a procedure as waxing facial hair. It is a modern and popular way to eliminate unwanted hairs on any part of the body, including the face. To wax your facial hair, use these steps:

  1. Check your hair length;
  2. Cleanse your face;
  3. Apply powder on your face;
  4. Warm up the wax;
  5. Apply wax to your face;
  6. Stick the wax strip on your face;
  7. Tear off the strip.

With the correct implementation of such a procedure, you can get rid of even the smallest hairs on your face. The effect will last longer than shaving or other hair removal methods. You can do this procedure yourself at home if you read all the rules. However, no matter how popular this procedure is, there are certain risks of encountering an adverse skin reaction to waxing facial hair. Therefore, you must know several essential points before this procedure.

In this article, we will tell you how to do full face waxing and what important rules you need to follow.

How To Do Facial Hair Waxing On The Face?

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Waxing facial hair is a good way to get rid of unwanted hair. Correctly waxing facial hair will help you remove all unwanted facial hair for a long time. However, knowing how to remove hairs properly with wax is essential. If this is not done correctly, the hairs may remain unplucked, or you can have ingrown hairs. Also, your skin can take a long time to recover after epilation. 

We have prepared for you step-by-step instructions with which you will be able to get rid of unwanted hairs quickly and safely.

1. Check Your Hair Length

Before starting the procedure, you must measure the length of your hair. It must be at least 1/4 inch long. Otherwise, waxing facial hair may not be effective and may even harm you. So, often women are faced with the appearance of ingrown hairs.

2. Cleanse Your Face

Tie your hair in a ponytail and keep it away from your face, so it does not interfere with your procedure. Then wash your hands thoroughly and proceed to cleansing your face. You need to remove all makeup residue from your face and cleanse it of dirt and sweat.

3. Apply Powder On Your Face

If your face is already dry after washing, apply powder to the area of ​​​​the face that you will work with. Choose a powder that does not contain talc to prepare your face for full waxing.

4. Warm Up The Wax

If you use a hot type of wax, heat it in a wax warmer. If you don’t have a special heater, you can heat the wax in the microwave. To understand how long it takes to heat it, read the instructions on the packaging of your wax. There should be such information. For your wax to be at the ideal temperature, it should be similar to peanut butter or honey.

5. Apply Wax To Your Face

Take a special wax applicator and apply it to your face toward hair growth at a 45-degree angle. If you don’t have a special applicator, apply the wax with a popsicle stick.

6. Stick The Wax Strip On Your Face

Apply the wax strip to your face in the direction of hair growth and press down with your hand so that the strip firmly adheres to your face. Leave a small corner of the strip unglued so you can pull on it later when you tear off the strip during full face waxing.

7. Tear Off The Strip

Grasp the corner of the strip that you left unglued, stretch the skin with your other hand and pull the strip sharply in the opposite direction of hair growth. If not all of the wax was removed during the first tear, repeat the steps by re-gluing and tearing off the strip. Repeat the movements repeatedly on different parts of the face until all unwanted hairs are removed from your face. However, do not apply wax to the same areas of the face. It may cause skin burns.

8. Remove Fine Hairs With Tweezers

After you finish epilating, use tweezers to remove any small and unwanted hairs you could not pull off with wax.

Waxing Facial Hair Tips

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While waxing facial hair is a popular procedure for both genders, there are a few precautions to keep in mind when performing this procedure. We have prepared some essential tips to help you complete the depilation procedure safely and efficiently.

  1. If you are undergoing treatment with any drugs or taking care of your skin in a special way, the epilation procedure should be approached with caution. So, for example, if you are taking Retina and Differin treatments, your skin may become more sensitive and take longer to recover from treatment.
  2. Also, some antibiotics can affect the skin’s condition, which is essential for depilation. Such drugs make the skin too sensitive, so you should refuse the procedure while you are forced to undergo medical treatment. You can look at some other ways to remove hair. So, for example, you can try using thread to pull out hair. It is also one of the popular hair removal methods.
  3. If you suffer from serious autoimmune diseases like lupus, your skin will be more sensitive to treatment. Also, if you are prone to breakouts, you may have some problems after the epilation procedure. Therefore, if you have similar health and skin disorders, try other hair removal methods, such as electrolysis or laser hair removal. If you are unsure if hair removal is right for you, it is best to consult a dermatologist first.
  4. Don’t worry if your skin turns red after waxing facial hair. Irritation after such a procedure is normal. However, the amount of time you may have redness can vary from person to person. For some, redness persists on the face for about a minute, while for others, it is half a day. If this is your first time doing this procedure, schedule it for a day when you don’t have to go anywhere. This way, your skin will have time to heal before going outside.
  5. If, after the procedure, redness appears on the face and you urgently need to go somewhere, you can use aloe gel or hydrocortisone ointment. It will help relieve irritation and beauty of the skin.
  6. If you notice small, pus-filled pimples after waxing facial hair, it can be a pretty severe problem. There is a possibility that you have folliculitis. It can happen either due to trauma from the wax or the bacteria in the wax. You may also experience severe redness in the skin area you have been working on. It could be contact dermatitis. Faced with any such problem, it is urgent to contact a dermatologist to identify the causes of an adverse reaction to waxing and, if necessary, treatment with medications.
  7. Do not wax at the same time as other procedures. Some people mistakenly believe that you can set aside a day for personal care in which you can complete all the procedures. It would be best if you didn’t do that. If you choose to exfoliate your skin and then apply a face mask, you may find that your skin is too sensitive to waxing. Therefore, refrain from unnecessary skin care procedures on this day and focus on waxing.
  8. Do not reuse the wax stick. If you break this rule, you may face subsequent skin infections. It is especially true for those who do the waxing facial hair procedure in a beauty salon. Make sure the master uses a new wand to work with your skin.

Bottom Line

We told you about how to do waxing on your own. Use our tips to follow the procedure correctly and avoid adverse effects from the improper wax application. Do not worry if your skin may remain red for several hours after epilation. However, be sure to consult a doctor if the redness and irritation of the skin last more than a day or if you notice the appearance of purulent acne after the procedure.


What Is Facial Waxing?

Facial waxing is a procedure for removing excess hair using wax. Unlike shaving, this type of hair removal pulls it out by the roots. And this means that new hairs will not appear soon. Therefore, this procedure is effective and popular.

Can You Wax Your Face?

Yes, you can use the procedure for removing unwanted hairs with wax. It is a modern and effective way to deal with unwanted hairs.

How Long Does Facial Waxing Last?

On average, the effect of facial waxing lasts from two to eight weeks. This is convenient for those who do not want to constantly engage in the process of depilation of their hairs.

How Painful Is Facial Waxing?

Each person may feel different levels of pain, even with certain procedures. It depends on your overall pain threshold. However, with the right procedure, you can make everything as painless as possible.