Published on September 23rd, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

How To Smooth Skin Quickly? Smoothing Skin At No Additional Cost

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Every woman dreams of having perfect, porcelain-like skin with a flawless tone. But pigment spots and post-acne marks often ruin the look. Do you have an important event, and your skin doesn’t look perfect? Don’t worry! There are quick ways to get smooth and perfect your skin.

Aligning the micro-texture and tone of your facial skin is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. However, to begin to get rid of unevenness in the skin, we need to know the causes to avoid recurrence in the future. And only then can we make our skin smoother.

In this article, Beauty Secret Keeper has prepared for you a variety of ways to give your skin the desired smoothness and radiance: from home cosmetics to salon procedures. By following these tips, you can get beautiful, smooth skin in no time. Keep reading for more information.

Possible Causes Of Uneven Face Skin

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To make your facial skin smoother, you must first find out what prevents it from being soft. There can be several reasons, and all of them, in one way or another, are associated with delayed cell renewal.

  • Hyper-skinned skin – sediment accumulated on the sebum surface impedes the process of exfoliating cells, hence the uneven relief and dull color. This problem, well-known to oily skin owners, is exacerbated by large pores that cause rough skin texture;
  • Flaking is again a problem of impaired exfoliation, this time caused by dry skin triggered by various factors, from improper cleansing to weather exposure;
  • Age is not only about wrinkles but also about slower metabolic processes. We know that as we age, the epidermis renews itself more slowly, which leads to an accumulation of keratinized cells on the skin surface, making the skin rough.

Cosmetic Products For Smoothing Facial Skin Micro-Relief

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Indeed, you have seen products on the market to soften skin and even out facial tones, such as creams, masks, etc. For some people, these products may seem quite expensive, some do not believe in their properties, and some do not like them and do not want to try them anymore. In that case, people begin to disguise the skin’s imperfections with foundation. But if we judge objectively, makeup is only a temporary correction. 

For a successful fight against uneven skin, I advise paying attention to cosmetics products for home care, specifically in three categories. Let’s understand each type of product in more detail, and I’ll give you examples of these products so that you know which ones to pay attention to. So, to get skin smooth, you can use:

1. Cleansing And Matting Masks

Facial masks, which soften and smooth the skin’s micro-relief, usually contain absorbents (clay, charcoal) and sometimes exfoliating acids. These components draw impurities out of the pores, reduce the amount of sebum on the surface of the epidermis, refresh and mat the skin, and visually narrow pores. The masks are used twice a week for a sustained effect. 

2. Scrubs

One proven way to make skin smoother is to exfoliate dead cells with scrubs mechanically. The abrasive particles roll over the skin to exfoliate old cells, help the epidermis shed its dead weight, and stimulate the formation of new cells. As a result of the weekly use of scrubs, the skin becomes smoother and more radiant.

3. Peelings

Acid concentrates and serums are a great option to soften and even out your facial skin at home. Today there are many products on the market with a peeling effect based on acids, which work gentler compared to professional procedures, gradually renewing the skin.

Sunscreen is recommended during the day, as acids can increase the photosensitivity of the skin. Peelings are usually used in a course, more often in the dark time of day. 

How To Even Out Skin Texture And Tone With Salon Treatments

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Professionals perform salon treatments, so they are sure to help. Exfoliating and cellular renewal treatments are effective for softening and smoothing the skin:

1. Oxygen Therapy

It refers to a very light exfoliation with oxygen, which is applied to the skin under pressure, infusing it with concentrates of vitamins. It is believed to be the best procedure to get the skin smooth.

2. Laser Resurfacing

Healing is not fast, but the effect is one of the best. The results of laser energy vaporize the epidermis. It is not the most uncomplicated procedure, but it is very effective for marked changes in skin texture, such as acne.

3. Chemical Peeling

The peeling is an acid that damages the epidermis cells and forces the skin to get rid of them and acquire new ones. Depending on the problem’s severity, the peel’s depth and the acid composition are selected. Professional cosmetologists will make even the most challenging skin smoother with this procedure.

4. Carbon Peeling

An exciting procedure that combines laser treatment with deep skin cleansing. 

5. Facial Cleansing

Don’t discount this traditional procedure – skin with cleansed pores looks much more even and smooth. The cleansing can be manual as well as ultrasonic. It can be alternated with peels if the beautician considers this combination appropriate.

Smoothing Skin At Home At No Additional Cost

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You can prepare your own hands by means of smoothing the relief of the face, but they will not be as reliable and effective as cosmetics designed and created by professionals. If you’re ready for home creation, explore our recipes:

1. Clay Mask For Intense Cleansing And Matting

Ingredients required:

  1. One tablespoon bentonite clay;
  2. One to two tablespoons of water;
  3. One tablespoon of oatmeal (ground in a blender);
  4. Four drops of tea tree oil.

How to make:

  1. Mix clay and oat flour;
  2. Dissolve in water to a paste;
  3. Add essential oil;
  4. Mix.

How to apply:

  1. Apply to face in an even layer;
  2. Leave on for 10-15 minutes;
  3. Remove with water and a sponge (or wet towel).

2. Mask Of Lemon With A Peeling Effect

Ingredients required:

  1. A quarter of a lemon;
  2. One teaspoon of honey;
  3. One teaspoon olive oil;
  4. One egg yolk;
  5. One teaspoon of oat flakes.

How to make:

  1. Pour 1 to 2 tablespoons oatmeal into boiling water and leave under a lid for 15 minutes;
  2. squeeze juice from a quarter of a lemon;
  3. Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

How to apply:

  1. Cleanse the skin of the face;
  2. Apply the mask;
  3. Hold until cured;
  4. Remove with a damp towel;
  5. Wash your face with warm water;
  6. Wipe your face with a tonic and apply moisturizer.

3. Homemade Scrubs For Exfoliating The Skin And Cell Renewal

Ingredients required:

  1. One teaspoon of sea salt;
  2. ½ teaspoon of baking soda;
  3. One teaspoon of nonfat yogurt or kefir.

How to make and apply:

  1. Mix all the ingredients to a mushy consistency;
  2. Clean the face and steam the skin;
  3. Lather up the washing gel and apply the foam to the skin;
  4. Use your fingertips to distribute the mixture over your face;
  5. Gently massage the skin and wash it off;
  6. Apply a moisturizing/nourishing cream to your skin.

Summary And Preventive Measures

To get and leave your skin as smooth as possible for as long, you first need to choose adequate care considering its type, individual characteristics, and age. And this applies to all phases of your routine, from cleansing to extra care.

  1. Wash and cleanse twice a day with the right product for your skin type;
  2. Don’t try to “squeaky clean” so as not to cause dehydration;
  3. Don’t neglect complementary treatments such as masks (cleaning and softening skin);
  4. Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week with a scrub or gommage;
  5. Once or twice a year, do a course of home acid-based peels, but be careful with them if you have sensitive skin;
  6. During periods of solar activity, use sunscreen, as the sun’s rays cause photoaging of the skin, making its surface rougher and more abrasive, and provoking the appearance of age spots;
  7. Maintain your skin’s well-being from within by choosing a balanced diet, an adequate drinking regimen, and an active lifestyle.


How To Smooth Skin In A Quick Way?

You can smooth your skin by regularly cleansing, exfoliating, and using moisturizer. If you want to get smoother skin faster, you can visit a beautician who will match you with treatments. You can also try using a homemade mask or scrub.

How To Get Smooth Skin Overnight?

You can use a moisturizer or sleep mask to moisturize your skin overnight. You can also try using a retinoid cream to help improve the appearance of your skin over time.

How Often Should I Exfoliate My Skin?

The frequency of exfoliation depends on your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you may only need to exfoliate once a week. If you have oily skin, you may need to exfoliate 2-3 times a week. You should consult a dermatologist to determine the best exfoliation schedule for your skin type.

What Are Home Remedies Available For Smooth Skin?

There are several home remedies that you can try to achieve smooth skin. These include homemade masks or scrubs, using a retinoid cream, and sleeping with a moisturizer. You can also drink plenty of water and stick to a healthy diet.