Published on August 16th, 2022

Last updated on September 19th, 2022

How To Clean Septum Piercing? Septum Piercing Aftercare

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Usually, the desire to get a piercing is greater than caring for it. Therefore, before piercing your nose, you should know that you will need a certain period to take care of it that is why I am here to tell you how to clean septum piercing in a safe and proven way.

A septum piercing – is a procedure in which a special needle penetrates through the septum in the nose. It does not pass through hard cartilage but a soft pad located under it.

After this procedure, the time begins, during which you must strictly follow the rules regarding cleaning septum piercing.

The fact is that an infection can quickly get into this place for piercing, and it will start to rot. You should keep everything clean for the first three months and ensure that the piercing heals as soon as possible. The most straightforward rule is washing the piercing area with a saline solution. After it, you can not touch the puncture place with dirty hands and swim in the water.

Types Of Septum Piercing Jewelry 

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You have probably already seen several types of jewelry for piercing if you are planning to do it. But to get to know them in more detail, we have prepared for you a list of types of septum piercings:

1. Captive Bead Ring

This jewelry is one of the most popular. It is an ordinary ring that contains a bead in the middle. You can choose another kind of bead or various pearls if you want.

2. Seamless Ring

It is a typical round ring without additional details, usually chosen by those who like elegance and a cute look.

3. Curved Barbell

It is similar to the previous jewelry, only this one is in the shape of a half ring and has a curved form. Usually, at the ends of this semi-ring are metal balls. It is an ideal option for those who do not want to put a lot of emphasis on piercings and love minimalism.

4. Clicker

It is the easiest decoration to use because it has a fastener. When wearing a clicker, you need to fix it, and you will understand when you hear the clicking sound. Such septum piercing jewelry has additional elements such as stones or beads.

5. Septum Retainer

It is used when you need to restrain yourself from piercing. Using a septum retainer, no one notices it, but it keeps your puncture. You can replace it with piercing jewelry at any time.

As you can see, there are many types of jewelry. Most often, they are made of such materials as silver, gold, and medical alloys. Such materials reduce the risk of septum piercing inflammation. If you can’t decide which jewelry suits you better, you can use a fake piercing ring. It does not require a puncture, so it will be easier for you to decide on the type of septum piercings.

Signs Of A Septum Piercing Infection

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Most likely, an infection got into the piercing area if you notice the following signs in yourself after a nose piercing:

  1. Severe Redness. It should be after the puncture, but if it increases, something is wrong;
  2. You Have A Discharge Of Pus. Discharge of a milky or yellow color is not quite normal. Probably, it is a sign of infection of the piercing area;
  3. It Pains. If the pain does not go away after two days, this means an infection;
  4. The Piercing Hole Begins To Enlarge. It is a clear sign of infection because the puncture can not enlarge without reason;
  5. Your Decoration Has Changed Position And Looks Strange. You may have an infection if the jewelry begins to deform and change its position. Usually, the piercing should not be distorted.

If you notice at least one of these signs, you need to do a septum piercing cleaning solution and see a doctor immediately. The consequences of such signs can be harmful to your health.

How To Clean Septum Piercing: 2 Proven Methods

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The healing time of the piercing depends on how you take care of it. On average, it takes six to eight months. But the most important thing is the first month after this procedure because the wound is fresh and needs care during this period. So, I have prepared for you two methods for cleaning septum piercing solution:

1. Cleaning Septum Piercing With Sea Salt

Make A Solution. Add 1/4 spoons of sea salt to a glass of clean water. Stir until everything is dissolved. To dissolve sea salt faster, use room temperature water.

Wash The Puncture Area. It is the most crucial part of cleaning septum piercing. This procedure is not very convenient, but you must perform it. 

To do this, place your septum in the solution and hold it for 5-7 minutes. This time will be enough to clean your septum. If it is not convenient for you to keep your nose in the solution, make a compress from it and apply it to the piercing zone. Only in this case, hold it longer, about 10 minutes.

Clean The Area With A Cotton Swab. For a more detailed treatment of your piercing, dip a cotton swab in the solution and gently touch it to the piercing. Clean the area around the piercing slowly, without pressing hard, in a circular motion. Pus and various infections can collect there.

Wash The Piercing. After washing the nose with sea salt, clean it with cool water. It will help remove everything that has accumulated there.

2. Cleaning Septum Piercing With Hydrogen Peroxide

Moisten A Cotton Pad Or Napkin With Hydrogen Peroxide. Apply it to the puncture. Carefully wipe everything, and remove the crusts that may accumulate there.

Allow Drying It. Wait for the hydrogen peroxide to dry and see if you wiped everything well.

Use Healing Ointment. For faster healing, you can use this ointment. It will help eliminate germs and start to act as a cleaning septum piercing. Apply it gently around the piercing and let it absorb.

Both sea salt and hydrogen peroxide actively fight against microbes and cleanse from impurities. These two methods will help you keep your piercing clean and prevent infections. However, you must be careful when using hydrogen peroxide because it can dry the skin.

To keep your piercing clean, do these procedures twice a day. You can do it more often if necessary.


Can I Remove My Septum Piercing To Clean It?

It is strictly forbidden to do this until the puncture heals because that’s how you can get infected. If something bothers you or you want to clean the piercing, contact the specialist who did your piercing.

Can I Clean Septum Piercing With Alcohol?

Avoid things like alcohol and soap for cleaning septum piercing. They contain substances that can dry out your skin and hurt you. It is better to use saline or sea salt.

Do Septum Piercings Get Infect


To do this, you only need to touch it once with dirty hands. After that, you will have pain, redness, and swelling. To avoid such situations, you need to follow the rules for the care of septum piercing.