Published on September 19th, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

How To Regrow Eyelashes? Solutions That You Can Make At Home

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How do you grow your eyelashes back quickly? The only person who hasn’t asked this question is Elizabeth Taylor, who had a double row of hairs due to a rare genetic combination. You can regrow your eyelashes at home with:

  • the help of remedies prepared on your own;
  • consultation with a doctor for further treatment;
  • established diet;
  • professional remedies or procedures;
  • massages and masks based on special ingredients also work. 

However, most women not blessed by nature with such a treasure have such a desire for various reasons. For example, the eyelashes may fall out after a disease or unprofessional lash maker work.

The circumstances may be different, and the result is depressing – rare and short lashes that can not be called a decent frame for a beautiful woman’s eyes. Our article tells you how to cope with this problem and help eyelashes grow quickly and effortlessly.

The length, thickness, density, and color of your eyelashes depend on genetic traits and are passed down by your parents.

If nature has blessed you with thin and short eyelashes, don’t be sad!

How To Regrow Eyelashes At Home

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You can grow eyelashes with professional products, like growing serums or mixes of oil. Also, it can be possible with handmade remedies at home. Home remedies have several advantages. Firstly, they are all-natural, so they rarely cause an allergic reaction. Secondly, they are affordable and low-cost – you save time and money for regrowth eyelashes.

Regrow Eyelashes With Oil

You’ll need an empty mascara bottle, a brush, and vegetable oil, for example:

  • Olive, linseed, and castor oils have a nourishing effect;
  • Almond, burdock, and rose hip oils increase their growth;
  • Sea buckthorn, grape seed, or peach seed oil prevents hair breakage and hair loss.

The oils will help to achieve the desired effect, giving you beauty and health.  Rinse the mascara bottle thoroughly and pour the oil into it. Pay attention to the brush – it should be fluffy and not silicone. Otherwise, the product won’t adhere to it. Apply the product in a thin layer so as not to get into the eyes. It’s unpleasant and time-consuming to rinse them from the oil film.

Vitamin A and E oil solutions can be bought ready-made in the pharmacy and are available as capsules. This option will also solve how to grow long and voluminous eyelashes quickly.

Regrow Eyelashes With Compresses

Standard recipe:

  • pour one tablespoon of flowers of your favorite herb with a glass of hot water and insist for about an hour;
  • then strain;
  • moisten cotton pads with the resulting warm decoction;
  • put it on your eyes for about half an hour.

The answer to the question of how to grow eyelashes back, even after lash extensions, is not so complicated. Decoction compresses are good because they perform several functions at once: to improve the appearance, make it possible to grow back eyelashes, and reduce inflammation quickly. Calendula, sage, chamomile, cornflower, and green tea are suitable and can also be combined.

An important point – the oil should be used only before bedtime, and you need to wash it off in the morning. Use it every day, and you will quickly notice the first results, and in a few months, you will reach your goal.

Regrowing Eyelashes With Masks: Recipes

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Masks are another great way to strengthen and grow lashes quickly. Choose the best recipe for you and use it for eyelash regrowth. I promise you won’t wait long to see the results. Here are a few recipes:

Recipe 1: Nourishing Mask

Mixing one tablespoon of castor or burdock oil, one tablespoon of aloe juice, and a few drops of vitamin A oil solution, you get a useful nourishing mask. Mix the components until homogeneous and apply to the eyelashes a few hours before sleep. To avoid swelling and puffiness, be sure to remove any residue before you go to bed.

Recipe 2: Burdock Oil And Vaseline Mask

A mixture of burdock oil and vaseline is best known to those who want to grow eyebrows and lashes quickly. Apply it twice a day. If you can’t make it that often, then leave it overnight. Every morning, remove the remnants of the mask. The course of treatment lasts, on average, a month. Try not to use mascara during all that time for better eyelash regrowth.

Recipe 3: Parsley And Aloe Mask

Try a combination of parsley and aloe, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can help your eyelashes grow! Crush the ingredients with a knife, put them in a piece of gauze, and squeeze. Blot the resulting juice with a cotton swab and gently dab the eyelashes along the growth line. Avoid contact with eyes! Rinse off gently after 20 minutes. A nice bonus is that your eyelashes will stop falling out after applying the mixture.

Recipe 4: Castor Oil, Glycerine And Egg White Mask

A castor oil mask, glycerine, and egg white are perfect for fast eyelash regrowth. The last two ingredients should be added one drop at a time.

Recipe 5: Burdock And Almond Oils With Brandy Mask

The following effective mask increases blood circulation and delivers maximum nutrients to the roots of the eyelashes, solving the most challenging problems. After application, it is easy to see how you can grow eyelashes back quickly, for example, after extending. The alcohol ensures this result in the composition. It is necessary to mix one teaspoon of brandy, ten drops of almond oil, and ten drops of burdock oil. The mask should be slightly warm. Checking the temperature, apply it along the lashes growth.

Recipe 6: Mask Made Of Cornflower Infusion

The herbal mask is a little more challenging to prepare. First, you need to prepare an infusion of cornflower – in a glass of boiling water, pour one tablespoon of finely chopped flowers, and pour boiling water. Pour into a jar and cover tightly. Filter the cooled infusion. Next, mix ten drops of wheat germ oil with one tablespoon infusion. Apply the mixture. Soak a cotton pad in the resulting liquid to relieve swelling and apply to the eyes for a couple of minutes.

Why Do Eyelashes Fall Out: Possible Reasons

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Like hair, eyelashes are fed by hair follicles on the eyelid skin and are composed of keratin scales, negatively influenced by external factors. As a rule of thumb, 4 or 5 eyelashes may fall out on a “normal” day. If you lose more than that, it’s serious, and it’s time to take action to help your eyelashes grow back. The reasons may vary, such as:

1. Eyelash Curler

One of the causes of eyelash loss may be an eyelash curler. Adhere to the rules on its safe use so that such a problem does not arise.

2. Allergic Reaction

Surprisingly, it may not only show up as redness. Allergy is also a sign of eyelash loss. If you’re experiencing eyelash loss after wearing a new mascara, for instance, it is the culprit for your troubles and the reason for the bad reaction. Notice the first symptoms to help eyelashes grow back.

3. Body Disorders

Eyelash loss can be one of the symptoms of hormonal problems. If eyelashes and the hair on your head is falling out, it may indicate a thyroid issue.

4. Dirty Hands

If our eyes are tired, we habitually rub them with our fingers – and not always clean ones. Transferring germs from the skin of the hands and provoking inflammation in such a situation is easy. Itchy eyes, redness, drooping eyelashes – that’s the result. Drops can help with the difficulty, but you should never repeatedly touch your eyelashes with dirty hands, especially while regrowth.

5. Improper Diet

This generally affects your skin. However, if your eyelashes have started to fall out, it could mean that your diet has to be altered. Make sure your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals!

6. Stress

It’s a well-known fact that prolonged periods of stress can lead to more hair loss. The same thing can happen to your eyelashes, by the way.

Bottom Line

All the methods described in the article are tested and reliable. Be consistent, and combine different methods. Do not forget to make masks and compresses, and systematically take care of your eyelashes for regrowth. Take vitamin complexes, and follow a healthy lifestyle. Follow all the recommendations, and after a while, you will notice how quickly the eyelashes grew back, their loss ceased, the look became expressive, and the eyelashes are as you dreamed.

Burdock Root Benefits


How To Make Eyelashes Grow Back?

A gentle massage can accompany the application of the oils or serums described above. Perform it with your fingertips gently at the roots of your eyelashes. The massage stimulates blood circulation, which in turn helps to deliver more oxygen to the skin around the eyelash follicles and improves metabolism, helping the beneficial ingredients from cosmetics to reach their destination.

What Helps To Grow Eyelashes?

In addition to vitamins and oils, you can also use retinol (triggers cellular repair, effective for damaged eyelashes), biotin (makes eyelashes smooth and supple, makes their color-saturated), or riboflavin (oxygenates eyelashes and regulates metabolic processes in the body).

Can Eyelashes Fall Out Because Of Extensions?

Yes, this is one of the most common causes of eyelash loss. To prevent this, I recommend choosing eyelash extension masters more carefully and taking proper care of your extensions.

Which Mascaras May Damage My Eyelashes?

It’s hard to single out brands, as it’s sleeping with mascara that hurts the most, as you have to rinse it off or apply more than three layers of mascara to your lashes.