Published on August 25th, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

Heat Gun Vs Hair Dryer: Can Heat Gun Substitute Hair Dryer?

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Let’s make a direct comparison: heat gun vs. hair dryer and discuss the critical distinction between heat guns and hair dryers and if heat guns can be used as hair dryers. You may use a hair dryer as a heat gun in some situations since their functions are so similar. You can use a heat gun instead of a hair dryer if you need to remove labels, stickers, candle wax, or other similar materials.

Before selecting a hair dryer, one must first determine the appliance’s primary use. All hair dryers may be categorized into three main categories based on the task they are used for: concentrator hair dryers, which have only one nozzle; diffuser-equipped hair dryers; and stylers.

Heat guns can be utilized in residential, business, industrial, and other locations. Modern manufacturers provide various models with various features, making it simple to find the perfect item to meet your needs.

Heat Gun Vs. Hair Dryer: Compare The Tools’ Operation

Hair dryers and heat guns are two handy heat-applying tools with a wide range of functions. 

Hair DryerHeat Gun
The device’s task is to heat the incoming air to the required temperature and dry the object. The latter can heat the air to 650 degrees, while a good half of ordinary home models are limited to 80⁰С. You may use hair dryers to heat various objects as heat guns. However, they produce the best results when used to dry hair.  Heat guns come in handy when we need to heat certain surfaces or materials without utilizing a flame or liquid. It either uses technologies like focused infrared radiation to heat the character of its item or blows air heated by the air chamber and electric coil in that direction.
The case of budget and most mid-budget devices are made of plastic. More expensive premium models have a metal case. The latter does not deform and heats noticeably less during operation.Heat is produced by the burning of spent oils in oil-fired heat guns. The heat gun has a metal exterior, a fan, and a heating element inside, as well as protection and control mechanisms. The temperature is limited to up to 1000 ⁰С.
Numerous nozzles fitted on the nozzle increase the device’s adaptability. As a result, the tool may be used as a hair dryer brush or comb. The price starts from $10.A hair dryer-like device presented as a primary heat gun is what you can get at a hardware shop. It has a heating element that quickly heats the air, a fan to fast suck cold air into the channel or body of the gun, and a spout to swiftly guide the heated air onto the target. The price starts from $20.

Heat Gun Vs. Hair Dryer: Can You Use A Heat Gun As A Hair Dryer?

You can use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun. However, you cannot use a heat gun instead of a hair dryer. Your hair will burn. That is why you had better never use a heat gun as a hair dryer.

What could be simpler than drying moist strands, it would seem? However, as experience has shown us, an incorrect drying period can allow for considerable hair damage to occur. Let’s consider the most widely spread mistakes when drying hair:

1. Hair Is Wet

Hair is wet 1024x512 - Heat Gun Vs Hair Dryer: Can Heat Gun Substitute Hair Dryer?

Blot your freshly washed hair with a towel, allow it to air dry for a little while, then start blow-drying only after gently straightening the strands with your fingers. It would be best if you turned on the hair dryer as soon as the hair is 70–75% dry. The reasoning is straightforward: the longer the strands are exposed to heated airflow, the more harm they do.

2. Drying With A Towel

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Hair cannot be kept in embracing towels. By leaving a towel on your head for a long time, you merely simulate a sauna, which causes the glands to start secreting sebum actively. Since damp hair is so delicate, twisting it into a tourniquet can seriously harm the structure of the hair. But just a reminder: the hair dryer is weaker, so you are allowed to use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun. However, not vice versa!

3. Not Dividing The Hair Into Sections

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Starting in the occipital area, divide the hair into strands while clamping the bulk of the mass. Dry each hair strand in the direction of growth, one at a time. Keep a 15 cm space between the curls and scalp when using the hair dryer.

Hair Dryer Safety Precautions

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High temperature is the most hazardous element for hair while using a hair dryer. Overheating causes your hairstyle to perish. The more “dead” hair there is, the worse the overall appearance of the haircut is and the more issues with it.

When using a hair dryer, the airflow force plays a crucial role in quickly drying hair. Consider that the hair dryer doesn’t remove moisture from the bulk of hair. Its temperature is insufficient for rapid evaporation. The hair dryer blows out the moisture in the air between the hairs. The speed of this operation will increase with the airflow.

Use specialized thermal cosmetics further to protect your hair from the hazards of high heat. Gels, mousses, and foams work since they are intended to be applied to damp hair before drying or styling.


Because a heat gun is a powerful device needed for building applications, you cannot substitute it for a hair dryer. However, you can use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun. Additionally, exercise caution while using the hair dryer since it might damage your hair if the temperature is too high.


How Hot Does A Hair Dryer Get?

Usually, hair dryers are heated to a temperature of 80 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It may reach a maximum heat of 140 degrees, which is hot enough to heat the skin on your scalp and hair. Typically, stylists advise keeping the temperature between mild and hot.

How Does A Blow Dryer Work?

The electric fan circulates air over the heating element as it revolves. The atmosphere is warmed and heated as it moves through the heating element. The dryer’s hot air emerges through a nozzle to focus the airflow. It absorbs the moisture from damp hair as it gets there and dries the hair.