Published on October 7th, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

How To Put On Fake Eyelashes? Applying Guide, Facts & Precautions

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Most ladies dream of long thick lashes that give expressiveness and mystery to the eyes. False lashes can help solve the problem, giving additional volume and length. To put on fake eyelashes, start by trimming the lashes to fit your eye shape. Apply a thin coating of lash glue to the strip, and wait for it to get tacky. Then press the strip onto your lash line and keep it there for a moment. Lastly, use mascara to combine your natural lashes with fake ones. Try various styles and colors to find the perfect look for you. Putting on fake lashes can be a bit daunting if you’ve never worn fake lashes before. Whether you’re using strip or individual lashes, these tips for applying false eyelashes will help make the process easier and more spectacular.

A bit of history: False eyelashes were first invented in 1916 by film director D.W. Griffith. He wanted his actresses to have longer and thicker lashes, so he created the first set of false lashes using human hair. They became popular in the 1960s, worn by celebrities like Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn.

What Tools Are Used For Putting On Fake Eyelashes?

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When it comes to fake eyelashes, there are a few tools that you will need to use: eyelash glue, tweezers, a mirror, cotton swabs, and makeup remover.

  1. Eyelash glue. This is arguably the most important tool you will need to apply fake eyelashes. Make sure to get high-quality glue specifically designed for use with fake eyelashes. It is better to buy waterproof glue. One tube may not be enough; it is advisable to stock more of it. In addition, false eyelashes can come off at the wrong time at a holiday or disco, so it doesn’t hurt to have a spare one in your purse. It is advisable to buy black glue so that when it dries, it can smooth the border between your own and glued lashes with its color;
  2. Tweezers. Tweezers are very helpful for picking up and placing your fake eyelashes exactly where you want them;
  3. Mirror. A mirror is an absolute necessity when applying fake eyelashes so that you can see what you are doing;
  4. Cotton swabs. Cotton swabs can be useful for cleaning up any mistakes you may make while putting on your fake eyelashes;
  5. Makeup remover. Makeup remover can help take off your fake eyelashes at the end of the day.

Applying Fake Eyelashes

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False eyelashes are a great way to enhance your natural beauty. But before applying them, it’s important to know a few things:

1. Start By Trimming The Lash Strip To Fit Your Eye

It’s significant to start by cutting the lash strip to fit your eye. It’s better to err on the side of too short rather than too long. This will help ensure the lashes look natural and don’t stick out beyond your lash line.

Hold the lashes up to your eye and trim any excess from the outer edge. Once you’ve trimmed the strip, it should be about the same width as your eye.

2. Apply A Thin Layer Of Lash Glue To The Strip 

The next step is to apply a thin layer of false lash glue to the strip. Make sure your lashes are clean and without any makeup before applying them. It is necessary to degrease the eyes with a suitable makeup remover or liquid. This will help the adhesive stick better and make them last longer. Before applying fake eyelashes, it is recommended to hold them between your fingers to warm up a little – so they will become more elastic.

Allow the adhesive to set for 30 seconds before applying the eyelashes to your lash line. Wait for the glue to become tacky, then place the strip on your lash line. 

3. Place The Strip On Your Lash Line

When putting on fake lashes, it’s essential to place the strip as close to the base of your natural lashes as possible. This will help ensure the lashes look natural and don’t stick out beyond your lash line.

To place the strip, simply hold it up to your eye and position it where you want it to go. Remember to be gentle with your lashes; you’ll surely achieve beautiful results.

4. Use Your Fingers Or Tweezers

Once the strip is in place, it’s essential to use your fingers or tweezers to press it into place gently. This will help ensure that the lashes stay in place all day. Gently press down on the lashes to secure them in place. 

5. Apply Mascara, An Eye Pencil, Or Eyeliner To Your Natural Lashes

The final step is to apply a thin layer of mascara to your natural lashes and blend it with the false eyelashes. This will help give the illusion of one continuous lash line. Many people find it helps give their lashes extra volume and definition.  

Start by applying mascara to your upper lashes, then use a lash comb to blend the fake and natural lashes. Apply mascara to your lower lashes. Use an eye pencil or liquid liner to blend the lash strip with your lashes for a more natural look.

Fake Eyelashes: Facts And Precautions

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  1. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to consult a dermatologist. 
  2. False eyelashes can last up to two weeks if properly cared for.
  3. There are two types of fake lashes: beam and strip ones. They can be made from synthetic materials, human hair, or mink fur. For the first time, it is recommended to use strip false eyelashes; it is easier to press and hold them with tweezers.
  4. Choose the right style of lashes for your eye shape. Not all lash styles will suit everyone, so it’s essential to find the ones that work best for you.
  5. Don’t try to apply false lashes again. The adhesive will not be as effective the second time, and you risk infection if you don’t clean them correctly.
  6. It’s essential to clean your false lashes regularly to avoid any build-up of bacteria. You can use a mild cleanser and water to wash them gently.
  7. Don’t forget to remove all traces of adhesive from your lash line before bed. If left on, it can irritate your skin.
  8. When you’re ready to remove your false eyelashes, gently peel them off from the outer corner of your eye. Avoid pulling them out from the root, as this can damage your natural lashes. 
  9. Do fake eyelashes damage your natural lashes? Fake lashes should not damage your natural lashes when applied and removed correctly. However, if you notice that your natural lashes look thinner or more brittle after wearing fake lashes, it’s a good idea to take a break from them for a while. Read on to learn easy ways to apply false lashes like a total pro!


Eyelashes are a key part of any makeup look, and they can make your eyes pop. Fake lashes can give your eyes a dramatic, glamorous look. Whether you’re headed to a party or a special event or just want to dress up your everyday look, fake lashes are the perfect way to do it. Follow the easy ways above to ensure your eyelashes are applied correctly and safely. After a little effort, you’ll be able to make those false eyelashes look completely genuine.


Can I Reuse Fake Eyelashes?

You can reuse fake eyelashes if they are in good condition and you clean them properly. First, remove all the lash glue and residue from the strip. Then, disinfect the lashes with rubbing alcohol and store them in a clean, dry place.

Are There Any Health Risks Associated With Wearing Fake Eyelashes?

If not appropriately applied, fake eyelashes can cause irritation, redness, and swelling around the eye. In rare cases, they can also lead to infection. It’s essential to clean your lashes regularly and never share them with others to minimize the risk of eye problems.

What Is The Best Way To Remove Fake Eyelashes?

To remove your fake lashes, start by soaking a cotton ball in an oil-based makeup remover. Gently press the cotton ball against your lash line and hold for a few seconds to let the remover soak in. Then, gently peel off the lash strip, starting at the outer corner. Repeat this process until all the lashes are removed.

How Often Should I Replace My Fake Eyelashes?

Fake eyelashes should be replaced every 2-3 weeks or as needed. If your lashes look worn or damaged, it’s time for a new pair.