Published on August 10th, 2023

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How to Get Lipstick Out of Clothes

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how to get lipstick out of clothes

Removing lipstick stains from clothing can be a difficult task. Especially if the stain remains untreated for a long time. Lipstick contains oils, waxes, and pigments that penetrate the fabric fibers. This can make the task much more difficult.

Determine the fabric type before attempting to remove lipstick stains on clothes. Various treatments need for various textiles. Understanding the particular issues related to each fabric is crucial. For instance, while working with silk, caution requires. Using less force than with cotton is also crucial.

It’s crucial to refrain from utilizing powerful medicines. They have bleach or nail paint remover since they can hurt. Instead, use gentle chemicals like laundry detergent. Before cleansing the troubled area with cold water, apply the treatment there. For a little period, turn it on.

In case the lipstick stain persists after washing, using bleach might need. Eliminating lipstick stains from clothing can be a difficult task, requiring patience. But, the cleaning advice provided in this article on how to get lipstick out of clothes can help remove the stains.

What to Do When Lipstick Stains Your Clothes?

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Lipstick stains on clothes may be inconvenient and unsightly. So, do not panic. They are capable of oblivion and total oblivion. And it won’t alter based on how significant or extensive they are. There are practical answers to this problem for many fabrics. Let’s discuss your options, so you can continue right now. With some effort, you can successfully remove the lipstick stains from your clothes. Before you begin the washing process, it is important to read the fabric care label carefully. If you’re tired of dealing with garments that become stained with lipstick, keep reading. You will learn what to do if lipstick accidentally falls on your clothes.

Act Quickly

To remove the lipstick stain from setting in, it is important to act quickly. The longer it stays on the fabric, the more difficult it becomes to drop. Follow these instructions to prevent the stain from becoming more challenging to remove:

  1. Scrape off any remaining lipstick using a spoon or a sharp knife. By doing this, the stain won’t spread to other parts of the fabric.
  2. Use a white, spotless cloth or paper towel to blot the stain. Start at the furthest borders and work your way inside, taking caution not to spread the stain.
  3. Apply a stain remover to the damaged area as instructed on the product’s packaging. Give the stain remover enough time to penetrate the fabric and dry before washing.
  4. While washing the item, follow the care instructions on the label. Choose a setting that won’t cause the fabric any harm. To help with stain removal, use a detergent that contains enzymes.
  5. Verify the stain to see if washing completely removed it. To thoroughly get rid of the stain, repeat the procedure as necessary.

By following the instructions, you will improve your chances of successfully eliminating stains. By acting promptly, the stain can keep from setting into the cloth. Additionally, you won’t need to manipulate the dried stain any further. Use only stain remover and the recommended washing procedures as directed. It is available on each product’s packaging.

Scrape Away Excess Lipstick

Finding lipstick stains on clothes can be discouraging. Especially if you’re in a hurry. But there are ways to remove these stains and give your clothes a new look.

To start, use a dull item such as a credit card or butter knife to wipe off any excess lipstick from the fabric. The more lipstick you can remove in this initial step, the easier it will be to remove the stain. When using sharp objects, be cautious to prevent any damage to the fabric. Instead, use a clean towel to gently wipe away any leftover lipstick residue.

After removing excess lipstick, next choose the appropriate method for removing the stain. This will depend on the type of fabric and the severity of the stain. Different fabrics need different approaches to remove stains without damaging the material. For example, for delicate fabrics, it is better to use gentle stain removers. Stronger fabrics can withstand more aggressive stain removal methods.

It is important to treat the affected area before washing or using a stain remover. This is necessary to prevent the stain from becoming embedded in the fabric. Using a treatment solution can be effective in preventing the stain. You can also use spot cleaning.

By following these steps, you can successfully remove lipstick stains from your clothes. In doing so, you will keep its new look. Be sure to remove all stains completely. Otherwise, the residue may cause discoloration or damage to the fabric over time.

Check The Fabric Care Label

Your garments will look better if stains remove from them. For crucial information, check the care label by performing the following:

  • Look for the care label

The care label is your best buddy when it comes to caring for your apparel. It contains important information on how to maintain and clean your clothes. It also has everything required to protect them from danger. The care label can usually see within the garment, frequently towards the hips or waist.

  • Examine the label

Check the label for detailed instructions on how to clean the item. For instance, instructions for washing by hand or machine, the recommended water temperature, and the availability of dry cleaning services.

  • Follow the instructions

To remove a lipstick stain, refer to the washing instructions on the tag. These instructions intend to guide you in caring for the fabric appropriately. By doing so, not only will the stain remove, but further damage will also prevent. For optimal results, always adhere to the care label’s instructions.

What Are the Best Fabrics To Use When Removing Lipstick Marks?

Lipstick stains on clothing may be difficult to get out of. The kind of cloth or material you use can affect how successful your efforts are. When it comes to getting lipstick stains out of materials, some are simpler to remove than others. The following substances work best in removing lipstick stains:

  1. Cotton is a durable, stretchable, and cleanable fabric. That is likewise temperature-resistant. Because of this, it’s a great option for eliminating lipstick stains.
  2. Polyester is a tough synthetic fabric that resists wrinkles and is simple to clean. Additionally, the fabric is less likely to shrink or stretch after washing.
  3. Strong, elastic, and light material is synthetic nylon. That is stain- and wrinkle-resistant. Besides, it dries rapidly and is simple to clean.
  4. Warm, functional, and simple to maintain is rayon fabric. It resists wrinkles and is machine washable and dryable.
  5. Natural fibers need more maintenance than fabrics created from mixes of cotton, polyester, and other synthetic fibers. These mixtures combine strength and simplicity of maintenance. All thanks to synthetic fabrics with natural fiber-like breathability.

Fabrics That Are More Difficult To Remove Lipstick From

Cleansing lipstick stains on clothes can pose a challenge, especially with certain fabrics. Textured or delicate fabrics, in particular, might need more intensive cleaning methods. Some materials that may be particularly challenging to clean the stains from include:

  • Silk. Abrasive cleaning methods can harm silk, which is a delicate fabric. So, use a light stain remover to quickly remove lipstick stains from silk. Avoiding material damage or stains is worth doing.
  • Satin. Smooth, lustrous cloth known as satin. Cleaning it might be challenging, particularly if it is bright and velvety. We tell using a new cloth or paper towel to remove lipstick stains off satin. Apply a gentle detergent or stain remover after that.
  • Velvet. Because velvet is a soft fabric, it needs to clean carefully. It is readily harmed by cleaning solutions or excessive friction. Use a light stain remover and a fresh cloth or paper towel to wipe the area clean the velvet.
  • Suede. A soft and translucent material, suede. We advise using a specific suede cleaner to clean suede. In this method, the surface may be clean of lipstick stains. Next, gently brush with soft bristles.
  • Leather. Leather is a hardy substance. But removing lipstick stains calls for expert cleaning. Make use of a leather cleaner made with stain removal in mind. To protect the material, this is essential.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the care label when removing stains from fabrics. This is necessary to prevent potential damage or discoloration. Some fabrics may need special handling or cleaning techniques. It’s recommended to seek the help of a professional cleaner in such situations. This is particularly true if you are unsure how to care for delicate or expensive clothing. By taking these steps, you can ensure that the fabric remains undamaged. The stain will remove without any negative consequences.

Best Products to Remove a Lipstick Stain

Lipstick stains may be challenging and unpleasant to get rid of. But the procedure can make simple with the right goods and techniques. For various types of materials, there are several stain removers. Additionally, a variety of techniques can use to remove lipstick stains. We’ll look at the most effective methods for removing lipstick stains below. You may restore your clothing to its previous splendor in this manner. Let’s start by taking a look at a comparison table of these practical answers.

Stain Remover Bar for Clothes by Smart SheepMiss Mouth’s HATE STAINS CO Stain Remover for ClothesGeneral Pencil Kiss Off Stain RemoverCarbona Stain Devils
ProsNatural and eco-friendly
Easy to use
Safe and Non-Toxic Easy to use
Made in the USA
Safe and Non-Toxic Versatile
Easy to use
Made in the USA
Easy to use
Safe and Non-Toxic Versatile
Made in the USA
ConsLimited availability May not work on all stains
Can be time-consuming
May not be suitable for sensitive skin
May not work on delicate fabrics
Can be expensive
May not work on all stains
Strong smell
May cause discoloration
May not be as environmentally friendly as other options
May not work on all stains
Strong smell
Can be expensive
May cause discoloration
May need more washing
Limited to specific types of stains
May cause discoloration
Can be expensive
May need more washing
May not be as versatile as other options
3 Stain Remover Bar for Clothes by Smart Sheep min - How to Get Lipstick Out of Clothes

1. Stain Remover Bar for Clothes by Smart Sheep

The stain remover bar for garments is a multipurpose item. It gets rid of lipstick stains and other forms of tough stains from clothing. This natural stain remover is non-toxic and environmentally safe. It may thus use on all sorts of materials without risk. This includes delicate materials like wool and silk.

This stain remover works particularly well in removing lipstick stains. It contains organic components. Lemon essential oil and coconut oil are both present in the mixture. They penetrate and break down the stain, making it simpler to remove the lipstick stain. The bar can also get rid of up to 1,000 stains and is durable. It is such an affordable option for ongoing use.

Just moisten the affected area of the garment by applying a clothing stain remover. Then apply it immediately on the stain and massage. After letting the bar soak into the fabric for a short while, rinse it with water and wash it as usual. The strip is portable and simple to use while driving. This makes it a useful trick for getting lipstick out of clothes. That is practical to include even while you are not at home.

An excellent remedy for getting rid of difficult stains is this remover. It is a reliable and environmentally safe method of keeping clothes clean and fresh. This, in turn, is due to the natural components, effectiveness, and durability.

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4 Miss Mouth s HATE STAINS CO Stain Remover for Clothes min - How to Get Lipstick Out of Clothes

2. Miss Mouth’s HATE STAINS CO Stain Remover for Clothes

The garment stain remover is a popular product. It removes stubborn stains from clothing and other textiles, including grass, alcohol, blood, grease, and lipstick. It is a strong and practical cure for eliminating stains of all kinds.


The strong composition of the stain remover is one of its defining features. Because it can remove lipstick stains from various textile materials such as cotton, wool, and silk. If you’re wondering how to get lipstick out of clothes, follow these simple tips:

  1. First, apply a fresh, dry towel to the stain to remove the lipstick stain.
  2. Next, apply the stain remover directly to the stain and let it sit for a while.
  3. Rub the stain with a clean cloth or soft-bristled brush, allowing the cloth to absorb the stain remover.
  4. Clean the item in water, and if any discoloration remains, repeat the process.

It is important to test the stain remover on a concealed area of fabric before applying it to the stain. This is to avoid possible damage or discoloration. Do not use hot water to remove lipstick stains. Follow the instructions on the product package. Lipstick stains can be stubborn to remove. But following these steps should make removing the lipstick stain easier.

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5 General Pencil Kiss Off Stain Remover min - How to Get Lipstick Out of Clothes

3. General Pencil Kiss Off Stain Remover

The stain remover is a popular item. It successfully gets rid of a wide range of stains on textiles. Lipstick, oil, ink, makeup, and other stains include with the package. It is a strong and adaptable product. It is a method for getting rid of stains on clothes, furniture, and materials.

One of the standout qualities of this remover is its special composition. It’s designed to remove the lipstick stain from textiles without causing any fabric. Moreover, the product can use on various fabrics, including cotton, wool, silk, and more.

The ease of use of the remover is another benefit. The product comes with a convenient tube that allows it to apply directly to the stained area. Saturate the affected area with the remover, and let it sit for a little while. Then wash the fabric or clothing as usual. The remover is safe to use with both conventional and high-performance washing machines.

The correct equipment for the work might make a significant impact. This trustworthy stain remover is the instrument of choice for many individuals. In comparison to its rivals, this stain remover distinguishes itself for its simplicity. It is popular because of this.

This stain remover’s special composition is the key to its efficiency. This solution, as opposed to others, utilizes a gentle yet effective composition to remove stains. It disintegrates stains and gets rid of them without harming the cloth.

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6 Carbona Stain Devils min - How to Get Lipstick Out of Clothes

4. Carbona Stain Devils

A Carbona Stain Devil is a well-known lipstick stain remover. It helps to get rid of a certain stain. Among the items are pens, red wine, lipstick, blood, chocolate, and lipstick. Its component arrangement is peculiar. They try to break down and produce the desired stains.

The stain remover stands out for its capacity to eliminate difficult stains. It operates by affecting the stain directly. It can take many different shapes. This enables clients to select the best cleaning technique for certain stains. Even though the liquid form is more efficient.

A trustworthy stain removal technique is Carbona Stain Devils. It comes in a handy container that makes applying it to the afflicted region simple. After using the product, either machine wash the item or let it sit for a little while. Here’s how to get lipstick out of clothes:

  1. To be sure you are applying the proper technique, check the clothes label. 
  2. Be careful not to use too much detergent on the discoloration. 
  3. Apply the cleaning to the affected area gently to protect the cloth from harm. 
  4. Before removing the treated area, let the cleaner rest there for a time. 
  5. The item should be hand- or machine-washed in warm water. 
  6. Before drying the object, determine if the stain can remove. 

Customers are seeking the stain remover that is the most potent. A liquid stain remover, for instance, can deal with various stains. Because of this product’s rapid and effective functioning, demand has increased.

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Bottom Line 

To remove the lipstick stain on your clothes, use a pre-treatment. Options include dishwasher soap and laundry detergent. Rub the affected area with the pre-treatment. Then use an enzymatic detergent to wash the item in the washing machine. Before washing, soak the item in cold water with oxygen bleach. If necessary, repeat this process. After washing, check the stain to see if it removes.


Do Lipstick Stains Come Out?

Lipstick stains can be hard to remove. But they can be removed with the right methods and remedies. Here are some steps to try to remove lipstick stains:

– Blot the stain;
– Pre-treat the stain;
– Wash the item;
– Test the stain;
– Dry the item.

Note that silk or wool may require special care when removing stains. Always check the care label before attempting to remove stains. If in doubt, contact a professional cleaner.

What Soap Removes Lipstick?

Using soaps designed to break down oils and grease can help. Here are a few soap options that may work well for stain removal:

– Dish soap;
– Laundry detergent;
– Hand soap.

Remember to always check the garment care label before trying to remove stains. First, test any soap or detergent on a small inconspicuous area of fabric. This way, you’ll be sure it won’t harm or change color.

How Do You Get Lipstick Out of Clothes That Have Been Washed and Dried?

Lipstick stains from clothes that have been washed and dried can be more difficult to remove. But you can still remove them using a few different methods. Here’s what you can do:

– Apply a pre-treatment product.
– Gently rub the stain.
– Soak the thing.
– Wash the thing.
– Test the stain.