Published on December 27th, 2022

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Things To Avoid After Lip Fillers: Care Tips  

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Beautiful lips are the dream of many girls and women. We pay a lot of attention to the attractiveness of this part of the body. And women can increase their attractiveness by using lip fillers. When the procedure is complete, the main maintenance period begins. Initially, there may be a lot of redness and swelling. Over time, such phenomena will disappear. 

You have to follow many rules for lip injection after care to help damaged lips. Since they are already traumatized by the procedure. Usually, beauticians recommend avoiding using cosmetics or going to the sauna in the first seven days. It helps to reduce your condition and speed up the healing process. 

There is no need for long-term rehabilitation after lip augmentation with injections. However, you should understand that skin sensitivity in the exposure area will increase. This article will tell you about the recommendations for lip filler care tips.

What To Expect In The First Days After Lip Injections?

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The human body perceives preparations as foreign substances. Regardless of the naturalness of the components of the injections. Thus, you can expect some unpleasant symptoms in the first days after the procedure. These side effects of lip fillers include:

  • slight swelling and edema at the injection sites;
  • local reddening;
  • hemorrhages in the puncture area;
  • painful sensations.

Cosmetologists use various products to correct lip contour:

Recently, biopolymer gels and other synthetic products have been losing relevance. Since they cause the greatest number of complications. And you still need to take lip injections after care.

Most often, professionals use hyaluronic acid as it:

  • helps the body to restore the hydrolipidic balance;
  • stimulates rejuvenation processes;
  • eliminates gradually from the body. 

A preliminary sensitivity test of the serum helps minimize lip filler’s side effects. Slight swelling of tissues occurs in any case. It is the body’s response to the use of the substance. On its own, this effect passes after 2-3 days. You can use special tonic compresses with ice to alleviate the condition. You need to apply them for 2-3 minutes at intervals of 2-3 hours. 

After the lip filler treatment, the redness inside the lips’ border is more noticeable. But after a few hours, this effect disappears on its own. If the symptoms persist, the patient should consult a doctor for further advice. 

Before the actual procedure, the cosmetic surgeon applies an anesthetic cream. But the injection can still cause unpleasant sensations. So you need to take lip fillers after care. During the first three days after injections, you may observe:

  • painful bruises on the lips;
  • swelling subsides after a week. 

What Not To Do After Lip Injections?

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The method of lip augmentation with fillers is the most effective. You have to follow the appropriate temperature regime, don’t eat spicy food, and don’t smoke. But what shouldn’t you do at all so as not to upset the balance of safety? After all, you want to keep the beautiful shape and quality for a long time. Read things to avoid after lip fillers below.


Heat or extreme cold affects the structure of the gel. It’s all because assimilation takes place during the first seven days. Because of this, punctures in the skin do not heal well. Small lesions form inside the soft tissue of the lips. These wounds can be an excellent environment for pathogenic bacteria. 

Also, you should know:

  • Low temperatures affect the gel itself. They cause it to distribute unevenly, and the skin becomes excessively dry. The lack of water stimulates the slowing down of the healing process. Edges of puncture wounds can crack. 
  • It is possible to slow down the excretion of the drug with the proper temperature regimen. You should not overheat in the sun or go to a solarium and sauna. Additionally, refrain from drinking hot or cold drinks.
  • Blood vessels dilate under the influence of inflammatory mediators. And blood increasingly rushes to the soft tissues. The existing swelling can become more extensive due to the peculiarities of hyaluronic acid. It attracts water molecules to itself, causing lymph to accumulate. So you have to remember about lip injections aftercare.

Mechanical Damage

After the injection of the drug into the lip contour, you should forbid several things for good lip filler treatment:

  • Use active lip mimicry; smile widely or open your mouth;
  • Use physical force with your lips to bite into hard food (such as fruit or apples);
  • Visit a dentist and other professionals where you need to open your mouth widely.

The muscles of the mouth, which are after contouring during the rehabilitation period, are strained, which leads to stretching of the skin. During the first 34-48 hours, the gel gradually spreads over the soft tissue cells. The substance may fill the cavities unevenly. 

These side effects of lip fillers occur due to active mimicry and articulation. There may be skewness, the appearance of asymmetry, or various seals. 

To avoid this, you should protect your lips during the first 5-7 days of physical activity. That is why you should avoid visiting the dentist or other doctors after lip fillers. A wide open mouth puts excessive pressure on the lips. 

Alcohol And Smoking 

After the procedure, experts recommend abandoning such bad habits as drinking alcohol and smoking, including hookah. The alcohol molecule does not come into direct contact with hyaluronic acid.

So it cannot cause any harm. But be aware of the ability of alcoholic beverages to stimulate blood circulation. So you still have to use lip filler care tips. If you drink strong alcoholic beverages within a few days of contouring, then:

  • The drug will dissolve faster. The body will eliminate it naturally together with other products of metabolism;
  • Swelling around the lips will increase due to slower lymph flow.

Smoking mixtures have the same effect. They constrict the blood vessels for a short time but do not help to slow down regeneration. The maximum you can afford is a little red wine. 

How To Do The Treatment After The Lip Filler Procedure?

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Girls often ask these questions: “Can I use special healing ointments or creams to reduce discomfort?”, “What Should I avoid after lip fillers?” Cosmetologists allow it, but paying attention to the composition is important. 

The list of approved medications after the lip filler procedure includes:

  • D-Panthenol. It relieves irritation and bruising;
  • Dolobene gel. It heals the skin and softens it;
  • Trauma ointment. It is a homeopathic remedy that contains arnica extract.

Before using it, it is worth consulting a doctor. You should not self-medicate during this period for proper lip filler after care. We also do not recommend taking medications that reduce blood clotting. Because of this, bruises may occur at the injection sites. 

If the pain or discomfort is too unpleasant, the safest analgesic is paracetamol. Also, it reduces the temperature. Since it may arise in the first days after the performance of contouring plastic surgery.

If you took antibiotics during lip augmentation, there is no need to worry. They do not affect the excretion of hyaluronic acid from the body. You should also know things to avoid after lip fillers:

  • Do not use scrubbing agents; 
  • Do not apply decorative cosmetics;
  • Control the toothbrush movements when brushing your teeth. 

Bottom Line

We want to believe that you will find our article-guide helpful. After lip augmentation, you’ll love the change and feel like a new you. Contouring with fillers is an affordable and straightforward procedure. 

So, you should follow certain lip filler care tips after injections. In this case, you will get the best results. And remember, it is hazardous to experiment on your health. Now we are sure you know things to avoid after lip fillers.


Can I Swim In The Sea After A Lip Augmentation?

Postpone going to the pool and swimming in the sea. Salt and chlorinated water are not the best helpers in the next two weeks. The pleasure of swimming will come to naught if dirt or infection can get into the open wounds after injections.

Can I Do Sports After Lip Augmentation?

Fitness and vigorous workouts are recommended to be resumed after at least 7-10 days. It is because, during them, blood circulation increases, the temperature of the whole body rises, blood flow increases, and vasodilation occurs. Sweating promotes salt escape through the skin, which can manifest as irritation in the injection area.

What Can I Put On My Lips After Fillers?

You may use neutral hygiene products. If you are sure they will not cause allergies on the injured skin. Be sure not to apply lipstick and other decorative cosmetics around the mouth.

Can I Get A Lip Massage After Fillers?

If you remember, it is not recommended before injections. But after, it is even necessary. Massage is one of the essential recommendations in the care of the lips after the filler augmentation. It can be started on the fourth day after the injections.