Published on September 30th, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

Dip Powder Nails Removal At Home In 4 Easy Steps

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dip powder nails removal process

Immersion powder nails are a modern and popular type of manicure. This method allows you to make an exciting coating on the nails and make them resistant to chipping. However, any manicure must be removed sooner or later to make a new one or allow the nails to rest. To remove dip powder from nails at home, use the following steps:

  1. Trim the length of the nails and file the coating;
  2. Remove old varnish with acetone;
  3. Remove nail polish residue with a cuticle cutter;
  4. Take care of your nails.

Covering nails with a special powder is becoming increasingly used because this manicure is more durable than other options, including manicures with gel polishes. The powder used for manicures consists of nail glue and special powder. These components help to create a durable manicure and do not use an ultraviolet lamp to fix it.

However, in this version of the manicure, there are some nuances, for example, in the thickness of the coating. Because of several words of glue and powder, the thickness of the layer becomes more than expected. It leads to the fact that removing powder from nails at home is not as easy as we would like.

The best way to remove old powder from your nails is to get professional help. However, if you have some time, you can try to remove such a manicure yourself. I have developed a guide for you to help you remove the dip nails at home. And now, I will tell you about the steps you must follow to perform nail procedures.

Process Of Removing Powder Nails At Home

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Periodically, you need to take off your false nails, which have been covered with a special powder. This process takes a certain amount of time. You should set aside a day in advance on which you can put your nails in order. Give your nails a relaxing day in which you remove all artificial parts of them, get rid of the powder, and be able to take care of your nails.

The tools which you need to prepare before starting the procedures:

  • Nail file;
  • Nail scissors;
  • Acetone;
  • Net capacity;
  • Tool for working with cuticles.

I have prepared for you a small guide with steps that will help you remove dip powder from your nails and care about them. Follow our points.

1. Trim The Lenght Of The Nails And File The Coating

You will need a nail file in the first stage of working with nails. Let’s start filing your nails plate. Use the following steps:

  1. Using nail clippers, trim the ends of false nails. Cutting the fake nails to match your real ones would be best;
  2. Remove layers of resin and dip powder from your nails. It will make it easier for you to work with them later on;
  3. File off as much of the coating as possible. Use special sandpaper to prepare your nails for the next steps of the procedure. Move the nail file in all directions until the coating becomes dull. The nails should be covered with fine white dust at the end of the file. By seeing this dust on your nails, you must be sure that you have removed the top layer of the manicure.

At this stage, it is possible to use acetone to remove old powder from the nails. In the next step, I will tell you how to remove old layers of varnish with acetone.

2. Remove Dip Powder From The Nails With Acetone

At this stage, you need acetone. When you work with this substance, open all the windows in your room and start working on your nails.

  1. Pour a small amount of acetone into a clean container and dip your fingers into it. Leave your fingers in a container of acetone for 10 minutes. If you don’t want to keep your fingers in a can of acetone or wipe them with a cotton pad soaked in acetone, you can place the soaked pads on top of your polished nails;
  2. After you have set the cotton pads on each nail, wrap each of them in a small piece of foil. It will help the acetone begin to actively interact with the powder, dissolving it, after which it will be easy to work on removing the old powder from your nails;
  3. Gently try to scrape off the remaining varnish;
  4. If the polish is still hard to remove from your nails, you can repeat soaking your fingers in acetone for a while. Then try scraping off the coating again.

3. Remove Nail Polish Residue With A Cuticle Cutter

Use a wooden cuticle spatula to remove any remaining powder from your nails. Place the spatula towards the top of the nail and gently scrape off the powder. Repeat this process until you can remove the powder from your nails. When removing the powder, proceed carefully to avoid damaging the nail plates.

4. Take Care Of Your Nails At Home

After removing the powder from your nails, you will need to take care of the condition of your natural nails:

  1. Make the shape of nails you would like to have;
  2. Polish your nails;
  3. Apply cuticle oil to the cuticles of your nails;
  4. Cover your nails with hardening varnish.

You may want to powder coat your nails again. However, experts strongly advise against doing this. It would be best if you let your nails rest from previous coatings. If you cover your nails regularly, take a break for at least a few days every three to four months.

Removing Dip Powder Without Acetone At Home

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If you don’t want to use chemicals like acetone and are looking for a more natural remedy, be extra careful. Some life hacks that can be found on the Internet say that you can remove the dip powder from your nails using natural substances such as:

  1. White vinegar;
  2. Alcohol;
  3. Soda;
  4. Toothpaste.

However, professional stylists and manicurists strongly discourage the use of such methods. Mixing these substances does not guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the coating removal. They are unlikely to work effectively, and besides, you will severely damage your nails with abrasive products. Also, it is worth because these tools are too weak to contribute to the detachment of old coating layers. Because of this, you will have to be more diligent in scraping off the powder with nail tools. It can lead to breakage and peeling of the nail plate. Therefore, at the moment, acetone remains the best tool for removing powder from nails.

Bottom Line

Thus, we have considered ways to remove dip powder from your nails at home. Again, I am forced to say that there are no alternatives to using acetone to remove most types of manicure coating. It is the only effective method that can help you. Any other kitchen product can worsen the condition of the nails. If you have such a manicure, use our tips to remove it cautiously. And don’t forget to give your nails occasional rest.



How To Remove Dip Nails At Home?

To remove dip nails at home, you need to trim the length of the nails and file the coating, remove dip powder from the nails with acetone, and remove nail polish residue with a cuticle cutter. These simple steps will help you remove the old nail coating and prepare your nails for a new manicure.

How To Get Dip Nails Off At Home?

To remove dip nails at home, you should file off the nail cover and hold your nails in a container of acetone. Experts do not recommend using any other substances to remove old nails. It is because any other means you can find at home will not be effective in this case and can damage your nail plate.

How Long Do Deep Nails Last?

This manicure coating will stay on your nails for about two weeks. The service life of such a coating will depend on the state of your nails, their growth rate, and the quality of the manicure itself.

Can A Sanitizer Help Remove Deep Nails?

Experts advise using acetone to remove old deep nails. However, if you don’t have acetone at home and need to get your old deep nails off urgently, you can try using a hand sanitizer. Apply sanitizer to cotton pads and wrap them with foil around each finger. Hold the sanitizer on your hands for about half an hour and start scraping off the old nail cover.