Published on April 7th, 2023

Last updated on August 17th, 2023

Sleep Masks For Women: Benefits And Side Effects

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Sleep Masks For Women

Most women use sleep masks when they can not fall asleep or during long trips in transport. But have you thought about using them in your daily life? If not, it’s time to think. After all, sleep masks have several significant advantages:

  • They provide sound sleep.
  • They help to sleep in unusual conditions.
  • They block light.
  • They have a calming effect, so you fall asleep quickly.

For your sleep to be strong and healthy, you should sleep in the dark. Darkness promotes better rest and allows you to relieve tension from the eyes. So, the primary purpose of sleep masks is to block light for healthy sleep. 

With their help, you can sleep in any condition and anywhere. They provide you with the opportunity to sleep in darkness and let you fall asleep faster. But using such things has a downside. Sleep masks can have side effects. For some, they can cause discomfort or cause acne. Thus, you should not just use sleep masks but choose them correctly. 

Types Of Sleep Masks

Sleep masks began to gain such popularity among women that they were divided into certain types. Among them are gel, fabric, and many other masks. And each of them has its benefits and effects. There are even masks with a cooling or warming effect. Thus, choosing such a routine thing for yourself, be vigilant in selecting it. So, sleep masks for women have the following types:

Fabric maskSuch sleep masks are mostly made of silk or cotton:
They are durable, do not cause allergies, and are pleasant to the touch. Besides, it does not require special care. But a synthetic sleep mask can have side effects. That is, they can irritate the sensitive skin of the eyelids. So, select a natural fabric mask.
Suitable for all skin types;
Completely block light;
There can be a variety of designs.
Gel maskThis reusable cooling sleep mask is a soft silicone goggle mask filled with gel:
Women keep them in the freezer. And at the right moment, when you need to cheer up, you should just put it on your eyes before going to bed. It promotes good blood circulation under the eyes due to the cooling effect. Accordingly, you become more active, and your face has a good tone.
Give a feeling of freshness;
Help reduce puffiness;
Provide smoothing and tightening effect on the face;
Help end dark circles under the eyes;
Provides relaxation;
Reduce wrinkles due to increased skin tone.
Heated maskA self-heating sleep mask is about relaxation, calm and sound sleep:
It is for you if you have problems sleeping and want to forget about them as soon as possible. Wearing it to your face can relax your tired eyes and give you a fast rest. Besides, it is perfectly suitable for women with dry eye problems. The heat stimulates the sebaceous glands and helps keep moisture in the eyes.
Provide special comfort;
Provide heat therapy for your eyes;
Reduce stress and tension;
Remove puffiness under the eyes.

Benefits Of Sleep Masks

2 Benefits Of Sleep Masks 1024x512 - Sleep Masks For Women: Benefits And Side Effects

A sleep mask will protect your eyes from the table lamp’s annoying light or the TV’s glare. And this is an excellent opportunity to get a good night’s sleep. 

Scientists have long recommended a night’s rest in a dark room. By going to sleep in complete darkness, you, in a certain way, have a good effect on your health. 

After all, a dark atmosphere promotes melatonin production in the body, which is imperative for quality sleep. But for wearing a sleep mask to be useful for you, you need to follow specific rules:

  • Firstly, the sleeping mask should not squeeze the skin of the face or eyes. Make sure that the strap is easily adjustable at your discretion;
  • Secondly, the mask’s fabric should be pleasant to the touch, dense, and dark. Pay attention to fleece and microfiber.
  • Thirdly, the forms of sleep masks are diverse. So, choose according to your face type.

By following these rules, you can get all the benefits of a sleep mask:

  1. Skin Protection While You Sleep

The pillow can put pressure on your face when sleeping on your side. It provokes the appearance of temporary wrinkles on the face. So a sleep mask is a great thing to protect your skin from this. It acts as a protective layer between you and your pillow. Thus, using it, you are less likely to wake up with pillow marks on your face.

  1. Sleep in an unusual environment

The sleep mask helps you fall asleep in places such as trains, airplanes, and hospitals, except for responding to sudden changes in lighting. Thanks to this, you can fall asleep regardless of the time of day.

  1. Fast Falling Asleep

The sleep mask protects the eyes from excess light. During daytime sleep, this is natural lighting, and at night – street lights, turned-on TV screens, and so on. Absolute darkness accelerates falling asleep and helps our brain adjust to a long, restful sleep.

  1. Stress reduction and relaxation

Some sleep masks have extra effects on your relaxation. And also, a pleasant fabric can create a comfortable bedtime for you. Accordingly, it reduces irritability and cheers you up.

5. Cute accessory

Sleeping masks for women are often true works of art. Their selection is so huge that everyone can choose an accessory for any taste and color.

Sleep Masks Side Effects

3 Sleep Masks Side Effects 1024x512 - Sleep Masks For Women: Benefits And Side Effects

Side effects can start with the discomfort of wearing it. You should change its size if this thing presses or slips on your eyes. Otherwise, the sleep mask can lead to serious side effects. And this applies even to the skin of the face. 

We wonder when hearing this thing can cause the appearance of acne. We think, how does it happen? But it’s all elementary if you don’t follow hygiene rules. A dirty mask provokes the appearance of bacteria on the face. It is where skin problems appear. 

Discomfort can also be a side effect. Wearing a pressure mask is the same as wearing shoes two sizes smaller. But you can quickly avoid this if you choose the correct mask size. Do not choose a mask that is too tight, no matter how much you like it. 

Comfort is the first thing you should think about. But even here, there is one nuance. Even the correct sleep mask size can cause side effects. And in most cases, this is due to non-observance of the mask cleanliness rules. And what are the side effects? Keep examples:

  1. Acne

Sleep masks can cause damage to the skin of the face. Skin fat accumulates on the surface of the mask, which can provoke acne, inflammation, and other skin problems. Thus, you need to wash the mask at least once every two weeks. Also, the mask should be worn freely. If it presses, it deprives the skin of oxygen. Accordingly, noticeable lip pimples and so on appear on the face.

  1. Blurred vision in the morning

It is one of the biggest sleep mask side effects in the case of an incorrectly selected mask. The fact is that pressure on the eyes can cause blurred vision when you wake up. So, if you notice this, wear the mask less tightly.

  1. Rubbing

You can not avoid such a problem with an incorrectly selected mask, especially if you have sensitive skin. If the sleep mask for women is too tight, it can put extra pressure on your eyes. As a result, you get rubbed skin.

  1. Slipping

Those who toss and turn in their sleep can find the mask in another part of the bed in the morning. So, if you do not have a restful sleep, the mask can cause discomfort. It can slip or interfere with you at all.

Top 3 Sleep Masks for Women

When choosing a mask, you need to consider many aspects. For some, the choice of its type is essential, and for others, the design. Besides, a sleep mask needs to be without side effects. So, you should make a choice based on your wishes and preferences. However, it can not be easy. Thus, to do it easier, we have some sincere recommendations for you:

4 EleCharm Silk Satin Eye Mask min 1 - Sleep Masks For Women: Benefits And Side Effects

1. EleCharm Silk Satin Eye Mask

This silky sleep mask can become your go-to item for your nighttime routine. Its smooth satin fabric is incredibly pleasant to the touch. So, when wearing it on your eyes, you will not feel any discomfort. This option will ensure sound sleep and satisfaction. 

After all, pleasant satin relaxes and does not let any light through. Besides, you can use this sleep mask for parties, meditation, and cosplay.

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5 Bucky 40 Blinks No Pressure Eye Mask min - Sleep Masks For Women: Benefits And Side Effects

2. Bucky 40 Blinks No Pressure Eye Mask

This option is for you if you want to combine efficiency and convenience in a sleep mask. Its thick fabric will not let you wake up from the sun’s morning rays as it does not transmit light at all. Besides, this sleep mask can be perfect not only for women but for men too. 

Thanks to its excellent tailoring and big size, it is shaped for eye comfort. It does not pressure the eyes and adapts to your eye shape. So, you can even sleep with makeup on without spoiling it.

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6 Dream Essentials Snooz Silky Soft Sleep Mask min - Sleep Masks For Women: Benefits And Side Effects

3. Dream Essentials Snooz Silky Soft Sleep Mask

Any woman will like this mask for sleeping. Glamorous design and pleasant material do not leave themselves without attention. 

The outside of the mask has a soft filler with darkened fabric. It means you can sleep without excessive light entering your eyes and with enjoyable sensations. 

So if you need a compact version of a sleep mask, it is for you. Thanks to its universal size, you can take it with you even for sleeping in transport.

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Bottom Line 

A sleep mask can help improve your rest. Besides, it tones your skin, removes dark circles under the eyes, and gives you peace. But you need to choose this accessory attentively, considering the main criteria. You can choose from many options and try a few. So you will understand which type of sleep mask suits you better and avoid its side effects.


Do sleep masks work?

Yes. Sleep masks ensure a great night’s sleep. Besides, such masks can give you a relaxing effect during sleep. If you are worried about insomnia or excess light, this thing will come in handy.

Are sleep masks bad for your eyes?

No. It does not harm your eyes. But if you choose the wrong sleep mask for yourself, side effects can appear. It includes discomfort and skin problems. So, to prevent this from happening, choose a sleep mask carefully.

Are sleep masks safe?

Of course. You can sleep with a sleep mask every night. The main thing is to choose the correct size to be convenient and safe for you.

Do sleep masks cause wrinkles?

It depends on how you wear this mask. It can be tight on you, rub against your skin, and cause discomfort due to the wrong fabric or size. In this case, short-term wrinkles can appear, but in other cases – they can not.