Published on September 28th, 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

How To Fix Uneven Skin Tone? 4 Proven Ways To Even Out Skin Tone

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Sometimes, people are faced with the fact that their face acquires an uneven color, or even hyperpigmentation of the skin appears. It can happen for various reasons. Follow these tips to fix uneven skin tone:

  1. Determine skin type;
  2. Take good care of your skin;
  3. Exfoliate your skin;
  4. Follow a clean diet.

Most people with uneven skin tone begin to find treatment for this problem. But do not worry in advance It can be both a cause of skin injury and a consequence of long exposure to the sun. However, keeping an eye on any spots on the skin would be better. They may signal a malfunction in the body or improper care of your skin.

This guide will tell you about the causes of uneven skin tone and share some treatment methods for your skin.

What Is Uneven Skin Tone?

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When it comes to the definition of such a term as “uneven skin,” it can mean a change in skin color because of its discoloration or a change in its texture. Changing areas of the skin differ from the surrounding areas by the presence of spots, patterns, or various marks. You may even notice an uneven and rough surface in some areas of the skin. A skin color change can occur for any reason, which we will discuss in the next block of our article. 

No single reason could explain the appearance of dark spots on the surface of your skin. It can happen because of various reasons. For each owner of uneven skin tone, the cause and the treatment of the appearance of this problem can be individual.

Causes Of Uneven Skin Tone 

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Knowing what forms an uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation will help to understand if you have this problem and what treatment you can use. It is necessary to correctly understand the meaning of this word to know what exactly you must fight against.

1. Sun Exposure

Most likely, you know that the sun affects the skin. If you’ve spent too much time in the sun, your skin may have taken on a darker tone. Also, it is worth noting that exposure to sunlight on skin that protective agents do not protect can lead to the appearance of spots on it. The sun’s rays can discolor the skin of a person. Therefore, if you are an avid summer resident or a fan of basking in the sun on the river bank, you should not be surprised at the appearance of spots on your skin or its discoloration. If it is the main reason for an uneven skin tone, reducing sun exposure will be the first step toward treatment.

2. Hyperpigmentation

This condition occurs due to the overproduction of melanin. This pigment is responsible for skin color, hair, eyes, and the appearance of moles and spots on the skin. You had witnessed the work of melanin more than once when you sunbathed in the sun and got a dark skin tone. Your skin darkens as a result of the protective function of the body. Melanocytes increase melatonin production to protect your skin from UV damage if you spend a lot of time in the sun. Getting such a tan is harmful and can negatively affect your health.

3. Melasma

It may be the following reason for the discoloration of your skin. Melasma is a skin disease. As a result of it, you may find brown, yellow, or gray spots on your skin. As a rule, such spots appear on the forehead, cheeks, nasal bridge, or above the upper lip. In addition to the face, similar spots can occur on other parts of the body. These spots’ appearance and the general disease are fluctuations in hormones. It can result from injury or being in a bad ecological environment.

4. Dry Skin

Dry skin types can be deficient in oil, making them more prone to cracking. If your skin is dry and prone to damage, you may experience discoloration or an ashy hue.

5. Dirty Environment

It may not be an undeniable factor. However, the dirty air in your area can cause these spots on the skin. Perhaps where you live, there is a constant predominance of smoke, dust, or other chemicals. All this can be in the atmosphere surrounding you and create health problems, including skin ones.

To understand how to make the skin tone correction, you should determine the cause of this pigmentation. Incorrect determination of the cause of this skin disease can lead to an incorrectly selected treatment method. Therefore, it is essential to remember all the events that could precede the appearance of this problem. Remember what time you spent in the sun, at what time of the year hyperpigmentation happened to you if there were any skin injuries before that.

In the next block of our article, we will discuss what to do if you face skin hyperpigmentation.

How To Even Out Face Skin Tone

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As I have already said, first of all, you need to find the exact cause of this problem. By finding the source of uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation, you will be able to find the proper treatment for this problem. I have prepared a list of solutions to your problems. Read each of our tips carefully and try to apply them. It will help you get closer to getting rid of your skin problem.

1. Determine Your Skin Type

The first thing you should do to even out your skin tone is to determine your skin type. This step is essential as further treatments depend on your skin type. Even daily skincare should be carried out with exactly those products that are suitable for your skin type. Incorrect determination of skin type can lead to pigmentation, excessive dryness of the skin, and the appearance of irritation and rashes on it.

There are four types of skin:

  • Dry;
  • Combined;
  • Normal;
  • Oily.

How Do I Know What Skin Type I Have?

Let’s look at each skin type with a detailed description of its normal state. After you read the description, it will be easier to determine your skin type and help you find the best skin care to even out your skin tone.

  • Dry skin. This type of skin produces a small amount of sebum. It lacks lipids, distinguishing it from normal skin types. Dry skin cannot retain enough moisture and thus protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment;
  • Combination skin. This skin combines the features of dry, oily, and normal skin types. Most of the sebum can be seen on the T-zone of the face – forehead, chin, nose, and cheeks;
  • Normal skin. This skin is balanced. With this type of skin, the T-zone of the face is slightly oily, but at the same time, sebum and overall skin moisture are balanced.
  • Oily skin. Here you will understand everything from the name. This type of skin has increased the production of sebum. Because of this, the face may appear too shiny to have wide pores.

2. Take Good Care Of Your Skin

When choosing the best skin care to even skin tone, prefer products developed specifically for your skin type. If you use unsuitable products for your skin, you will not get rid of hyperpigmentation of the skin. You will also get skin irritation, flaking, and breakouts can also exacerbate the hyperpigmentation problem.

I have prepared a table that shows the main types of skin and what components should be included in the composition of care products.

Types of the skinThe care product you should choose
DryWater-in-oil emulsions, products with water-binding ingredients such as urea, lactic acid, and glycerin
CombinationThe water-in-oil products for dry spots and oil-in-water emulsions for oily areas of the skin
NormalProducts without too large oil, lightweight water-in-oil emulsion formula for daycare, and product containing more lipids for night care
OilyOnly fat-free liquids, light oil-in-water emulsion, oily skin products and products labeled “non-comedogenic”.

3. Exfoliation Of The Skin

This method of dealing with uneven skin tone is also a possible treatment for your problem. Remove dead skin cells that are on its surface. To do this, you need to choose an exfoliator specifically designed for your skin type. Apply it several times a week on your face to eliminate old dark spots. However, do not use these products too often, as this can aggravate your skin. And as a result, cause an imbalance in the skin and even allow the problem to worsen.

4. Follow A Clean Diet

To even out your skin tone, you must act on it from the outside and consider other influencing factors. One of these factors is diet. It will help to get a healthy look for any skin, even those that do not have problems. Use the following dietary tips to restore a healthy complexion:

  • Avoid processed foods such as white bread, chips, sodas, and candy;
  • Drink green tea;
  • Eat green vegetables;
  • Include citrus fruits like oranges, tomatoes, watermelons, grapes, and carrots in your diet;
  • Eat seafood such as tuna, salmon, and other foods rich in fatty acids and omega-3s.


So, we looked at the main causes of uneven skin tone and the appearance of pigmentation on your skin. Also, we have discussed several methods of treatment for skin irregularities. If you have hyperpigmentation, use sunscreen to keep the spots from darkening. Try to spend as little time as possible in direct sunlight. Using our tips will not give instant results. However, following the rules will help you solve your problem in the long run and avoid hyperpigmentation. If your spots have been bothering you for a long time, see your doctor for an examination and medical advice.


How To Get An Even Skin Tone For Black Skin?

If you have black skin and want to make your skin tone more even, you need to exfoliate your skin, use a brightening serum, use a glycol peel, and keep your skin moisturized. Also, you can consult a beautician and dermatologist who can give you professional advice to help you even out your skin tone.

What Is Uneven Skin Tone?

Uneven skin tone is applied to skin problems, including uneven skin tone, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. Causes of rough skin include prolonged exposure to the sun, improper diet, poor skin care, or skin trauma.

How To Get Rid Of Uneven Skin Tone?

To even out your skin tone, use cleansers made for your skin, exfoliate your skin several times a week, cut out bread, chips, and soda, and cut back on sun exposure. All these methods will help to make your skin clearer and brighter and prevent the appearance of many other diseases.

Do Toners Even Out Skin Tone?

A toner can help even out your skin, smooth it out and clear up rough patches. In addition to improving the color of your skin, the toner also restores the correct pH level of your skin, removes irritations on it, treats skin rashes, and has several other benefits. Apply a small toner to a cotton pad and wipe over your skin after cleansing it in the morning and before bed.

What Food Makes Your Skin Brighter?

With the help of some products, you can make your skin lighter. If you want to whiten your skin, include strawberries, eggs, pineapples, lemon, tomatoes, avocados, garlic, and walnuts in your diet. These foods are rich in vitamins. They improve health, even out skin tone, and make it brighter.