Published on November 3rd, 2022

Last updated on January 24th, 2023

LED Light Skin Therapy: How It Works, And What Its Benefits

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woman gets led light therapy

Perhaps one of the most trending facial treatments is LED therapy. This is primarily due to world beauty stars like the Kardashian family or Kate Moss. Although the treatment and prevention of facial skin problems with the help of light may seem quite challenging and provocative, many people have experienced the effect of this procedure and noted a positive impact on skin health.

Additionally, considering some futuristic gadgets on your face during the treatment that makes you feel like you’re in the year 2150, you’ve got a fantastic procedure everyone wants to try.

Light treatment might be the right choice for you if you’re looking for a skin remedy that can help you achieve a more even skin tone, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and encourage collagen production. Continue reading to learn more about LED light therapy’s advantages, potential drawbacks, and other general information.

Benefits Of LED Light Therapy

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Different light wavelengths are used to target different problem areas. They can aid in the improvement of skin issues. Now let’s look at the key positive features of this procedure:

1. It’s Safe And Non-invasive

One of the main reasons people love LED light remedies is that it’s a safe and non-invasive treatment option. Unlike other facial treatments, there’s no need to worry about pain or discomfort during or after your session. You also don’t have to worry about any side effects since none are associated with this therapy.

2. It Provides Long-lasting Results

Another great thing about LED light skin treatment is that it provides long-lasting results. Once you achieve the results you want from your initial round of treatment, you won’t have to keep coming back for more sessions. Of course, you can always opt for additional sessions later if you need a touch-up.

3. It Can Be Used To Treat A Variety Of Skin Concerns

As I mentioned earlier, LED light skin therapy can be used to treat a variety of different skin problems. If you’re struggling with wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, uneven skin tone, or poor skin texture, this procedure could be proper for you.

4. Collagen Production Is Increased

A protein called collagen helps to keep your skin elastic and firm. Collagen production declines as we age, which can cause wrinkles and sagging skin. However, you can increase your collagen production with LED light therapy.

5. It Promotes Cell Turnover

Treatment increases blood flow to your skin’s surface, stimulating cell turnover and increasing collagen production. This improved blood flow aids in the removal of waste products and the delivery of new oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. Your skin cells will be able to perform at their peak level. As a result, giving you a complexion that is healthier overall.

6. It Soothes Inflammation

If you suffer from inflammation or redness in your face due to acne or other conditions, LED light skin therapy could help to soothe these symptoms and give you some relief. The anti-inflammatory properties of specific light colors can help reduce swelling and redness while promoting healing in the affected area.

How To Use Light Therapy For Your Face?

How to Use Light Therapy for Your Face 1024x512 - LED Light Skin Therapy: How It Works, And What Its Benefits

But before you get facial skin care, you must choose what you want to correct in your skin before beginning light treatment.

Three different types of light procedures are currently used to improve various aspects of skin health:

  • White. This procedure lessens skin inflammation and tones your skin;
  • Red. Your skin will regenerate cells and improve blood flow;
  • Blue. All of the bacteria on your skin will be eliminated in this case;
  • Amber. Your skin will produce more collagen and elastin due to this procedure.

There is also a combinatorial approach when illumination effects are combined simultaneously to ensure maximum benefit and effectiveness.

Once you have identified the problem, you must prepare your skin properly for the procedure. So, as with all facial therapies, you must wash your face and remove all makeup. Before the LED light treatment for acne and other problems, you do not need to open your pores and wear preparatory masks. Once you’ve prepared your face, you can put on your protective glasses and turn on your face device.

Within 15-20 minutes, you will feel a pleasant relaxation and be able to take a break from everyday problems. As for the price per session, in salons, you can get a skin treatment for $150-$300 or buy a mask for home use for up to $600. However, there are also sessions up to $85. The price will vary on the popularity of the salon, its reputation, and the professionalism of employees.

LED Light Therapy: Possible Side Effects

Like any treatment for your health, this skin treatment can be potentially dangerous for some people. So, in general, LEDs are perfectly safe for most people but can bring some negative effects, such as severe skin irritation, if you take any medications to treat facial skin rashes. Therefore, before the procedure, consult your doctor regarding LED light acne therapy’s side effects and safety for you.

When Will The First Visible Effect Appear?

As with all procedures related to your body, light therapy requires several sessions for the first effect to become noticeable. So, for example, you will need to visit the salon every week for a month. In addition, you will also need to do skin support for a month.

In addition, the effect also depends on what means you use. So, for example, in-office devices require no more than 30 minutes for the procedure, while home tools can take up to an hour of active use for several weeks, several times a day. In this case, the effect can be achieved faster than the in-office approach.

Recovery After LED Light Therapy

Luckily for you, this procedure does not require a long recovery, and your skin does not need post-procedure care. However, you are advised to avoid the sun for 48 hours. Otherwise, all your daily activities can be restored immediately after undergoing LED light acne therapy for your face. This is because the therapy, unlike chemical peeling or other aggressive procedures, does not negatively affect the body and is completely safe for the skin.


Light therapy has many potential advantages, from reducing wrinkles and fine lines to improving skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. Talk to a qualified healthcare provider first to ensure this treatment is a good fit for you if you’re considering trying it.


How Does LED Light Therapy Work?

You will be exposed to low-level light energy or phototherapy during an LED light therapy session. This exposure causes a biological reaction that increases collagen production and cell turnover.

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free skin treatment that uses wavelengths of visible light to boost collagen production, improve skin texture and clarity, and reduce inflammation.

Is LED Light Therapy Safe?

Yes, LED Light Therapy is safe for all skin types. The light energy used is not UV-based, so there is no risk of sun damage or skin cancer.

What Are The Benefits Of LED Light Therapy?

LED Light Therapy has improved several skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and acne.